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I don’t know about you, but I just love holidays and exploring new and interesting destinations. I especially love revisiting some of my more favourite destinations. And a few months ago my family and I were super lucky to pick up some absolutely bargain priced flights from Sydney to Honolulu, which meant we could go back to one of our favourite spots to holiday. Yay!


The flight itself takes between 9-10 hours, as Sydney is a little over 5000 miles (8000kms) to Honolulu – so it’s a reasonably long trip (though nowhere near as long as it takes us Aussie’s to get to Europe, which is around a 23 hour flight time). Here’s a pic of the three of us on the plane over:


We had such an awesome time on out trip – and I was so proud of my daughter who climbed Diamond Head without assistance (and she’s only 6). Here’s a pic of the three of us on our hike up Diamond Head:


We also had to go shopping of course… it’s kind of part and parcel with what you’re meant to do on Honolulu, isn’t it??? Lol J- So here is a pic of us in downtown Waikiki – taken by my little monkey too (not a bad shot of the hubby and I, hey?):


And finally here’s a pic of the monkey and I, enjoying a hug after a very busy day hitting the shops:


And remember about that travel bug I mentioned? Well, it’s got us good, because we’ve already booked another holiday for next year  – this time it will be to the South Pacific and New Zealand, on our first ever cruise!! Yipee… so excited!! What about you all? What are some of your favourite holiday spots? I’d love to hear about them J




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