Tea Time with Jennifer Trethewey – Salmon Smoked Fingers

 My local chapter of RWA is having its first ever Afternoon Tea. It’s a potluck so people are bringing tea sandwiches, tarts, cakes, scones, anything and everything associated with afternoon tea. I picked up a great little cookbook in Caithness, Scotland called “Maw Broon’s Afternoon Tea Book.” It contains recipes and tea time traditions with humorous Scots comments and asides.

Here’s another simple recipe I plan to use for the Wisconsin Romance Writers of America Tea Party.

Smoked Salmon Fingers

I started with this thin and very dense pumpernickel. It doesn’t really have a crust and the shape is a perfect rectangle.

Taking my cue from how I like my bagels. I spread Philadelphia Whipped Cream Cheese to the edges of both slices and sprinkled Reeses Capers over the bottom slice. I love the tangy, salty taste of capers.

Get a package of thinly sliced smoked salmon, or lox as we call them in our house, and cover the cream cheese to the edge. You may have to cut a piece or two to fit it in like a puzzle.

What’s great about this bread is you don’t need to trim off the crusts so there’s no waste. I got five finger sandwiches, or “pieces” as the Scot’s call them.

The color of the lox combined with the dark bread adds depth to your sandwich display.

This bread is so dense, you can make these in advance, wrap them tightly in plastic wrap, and store them in the fridge.


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