Wish List for July 2018

It’s officially summer and we’re hoping you’re staying cool by hitting the beach, pool, or inside reading. It’s also time for our latest wish list as the editors at Entangled Publishing are looking for the next breakout hit. Could that be your book? Make sure to read until the end as we have some special calls as well. Each month, we have a new wish list from our editors. Watch for them as they’ll change monthly. Let’s discover each other today!

All submissions can be sent through our Submittable system. The link can be found here: http://www.entangledpublishing.com/submission-information/



July 2018 wish list


General Entangled submission requests:

  • Rom-coms! We love ‘em. Send them all!
  • We are always on the hunt for high-concept books featuring marginalized characters.


Liz Pelletier, Publisher and Senior Editor

Liz is interested in seeing a mixed media YA, a high-concept Michael Crichton-ish thriller (light romance), and a rom-com with a deaf or blind hero.


Heather Howland, Creative Director of Teen and Senior Editor

  • Send me all of your M/F/M ménage, M/M/F ménage, or reverse harem erotic romances! Adult or NA. The books must have a HEA and a satisfying romance. I’m open to contemporary, sci-fi, or paranormal, and would love to see stories featuring characters from all backgrounds.
  • I’d love a swoony YA or a sexy NA in which an American heroine is a foreign exchange student abroad or moves abroad with her family and falls for a local bad boy. Maybe even the son of her exchange or host family. Give me somewhere interesting—London and Paris are overdone. Bring the international flavor and romantic complications!
  • I’d also like to acquire a sexy contemporary NA series with high stakes, high heat, and high drama. Bonus points if it’s set around a group of men (e.g., brothers, cousins, teams, business partners, military, etc.).
  • Hallmark-style Christmas stories in the 50k-60k range for release in 2019. Start writing those now so you’re ready to begin editing in early 2019!
  • Diversity, diversity, diversity. I grew up in a very diverse community and I would love to see characters and stories set in similar environments. I have a personal connection to ADHD and high-functioning autistic boys and men, so stories with similar heroes are especially of interest.
  • PLEASE NOTE: At this time, I’m not interested in celebrities, politicians, chefs/caterers/bakers/foodies, makeover books, second-chance romance, reliving the same day(s), time travel, aliens, fire fighters, or dragon shifters.
  • Send your submissions to my attention via https://entangledpublishing.submittable.com/submit/. Looking forward to the reads!


Alycia Tornetta, Editorial Director


  • Romantic comedy feat. fish out of water trope (Think Crazy Rich Asians)
  • SEAL/special forces hero
  • Unexpected, fun twists on tropes
  • Sweet romance set in a small town
  • Sexy romance with a fun, high-concept hook


  • Historical YA feat. Highlanders
  • Contemporary YA that’s relevant, authentic, and underrepresented
  • Historical YA where the main character(s) is LGBT and/or PoC.
  • YA fantasy set around witches


Heidi Shoham, Senior Editor

I want books with all the feels!! High stakes, believable conflicts, and most especially, characters I can care about.

Our new category imprint – AUGUST — is launching in October, and I have slots to fill!! August is a category romance line with characters over the age of 35. I need layered, emotional stories with likable heroines, hot heroes, authentic dialogue, and strong and believable conflicts that go beyond “I was burned by my ex”.

I am looking for great romances for all our category imprints:

  • Hot, wealthy alpha heroes who sweep their everyday heroines off their feet.
  • Sassy and sexy romances with cute meet-cutes that make me laugh out loud and swoon all at once.
  • Sweet, small-town romances with a rich Hallmark-esque quality.

I’m also looking for single title romances. I’d really like some more paranormal on my single title list. I love a good shifter romance, especially the family aspect/brotherhood/strong bonds of packs. I’d also like some Highlander heroes and some Regency romances. I’m looking for something unique, something that feels like an old favorite but with a twist.

I’d also love to have some more hot erotic romance for our Scorched line. I’d like some ménages/multiple, tropes and premises that flirt with the line of what some consider taboo.

Imprint wide I am always looking for my favorite tropes and characters:

  • Best friend’s older brother (and variations), secret babies, bad boy reformed, forced proximity
  • Cowboys, cowboys, cowboys (Always. Because always cowboys 😀 )
  • Men in uniform/veterans/first responders.
  • Angsty, broken heroes.


Karen Grove, Senior Editor

  • Romance set against the backdrop of a family-run winery. Bonus points if it’s a romantic comedy.
  • I know I keep asking for this, but I want to see a series that takes place at an academy—military, coast guard, police, fire, swift-water rescue, search & rescue, etc.—they’re all ripe for strong, hot heroes willing to serve and the close-knit friendships and forced proximity that creates an instant sense of family/loyalty. I’d particularly love a romance set at West Point for Embrace.
  • Fun and flirty story that takes place at a professional retreat—think corporate team-building, dude ranches, survival training, where hero or heroine is way outside of his or her comfort zone.
  • Tropes: forced proximity, enemies to lovers, fish out of water, forbidden romance, protector


Kate Brauning, Senior Editor

  • YA with aliens—paranormal, sci-fi, any genre but show me a clever, gripping twist.
  • YA about hacking, unusual internships, paramedic or park ranger training, summers working dangerous places, etc. Give me teens working interesting jobs!
  • Women’s fiction driven by a strong romance, especially if there’s a domestic suspense angle. Something like Big Little Lies but with a romance spine. Sibling dynamics, unique family businesses, unusual expertise, and themes of identity, belonging, and ambition are especially fascinating to me.
  • Historical romance set in areas beyond England or the U.S., especially featuring women who have unusual trades/careers


Robin Haseltine, Senior Editor

Robin Haseltine is looking for high concept romantic comedy for the Lovestruck and Scandalous imprints, as well as historical single-title for our Amara imprint. Smart, slick dialogue or Regency double entendre banter is a plus. She also loves serious historical suspense and political struggles during the Victorian, Regency, Medieval, and especially Highlander genres, written around a romance. Robin loves couples who zing with electric attraction but also know how to share a few laughs. Heroes should be strong and sexy, heroines should be sassy and fun, and falling in love should be the heart of the story.


Wendy Chen, Editor

Wendy Chen is looking for a sweet new voice for Bliss. I’d love a non-American hero to find himself in a small town coastal setting, where he gets off on the wrong foot with a pet-loving heroine.


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