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As a writer and reader of historical romance, I adore a story with a heroine and hero who each possess an inner strength and push past their flaws as they fall in love. In my new Victorian historical romance, When A Lady Desires A Wicked Lord, the hero and heroine challenge each other as they forge an unbreakable bond. I truly enjoyed writing Alexandra and Benedict’s journey to their happy-ever-after. When I’m not writing or reading romance, I love a romantic movie, especially if the hero and heroine in the movie have great chemistry and challenge each other to grow. Sometimes, you can just feel the connection between a hero and heroine on screen. To me, that chemistry is what makes a movie unforgettable.


My #topfive unforgettable movie couples are:


~ Evelyn Carnahan and Rick O’Connell — The Mummy





Brendan Fraser’s Rick O’Connell is definitely swoonworthy, while Evie—proud champion of librarians—is as smart and resourceful as she is spirited. Definitely one of my favorite couples!


~ Princess Leia and Han Solo – Star Wars





No matter how many times I see the Star Wars, The Empire Strikes Back, and The Return of the Jedi, I swoon over reluctant hero (and scoundrel!) Han Solo’s love for Princess Leia.


~ Fox Mulder and Dana Scully — The X-Files




I’ve been an X-Files fanatic since the show aired its first episode. Even now, FBI Agents Mulder and Scully have what it takes to make me believe they’re meant for each other. The skeptic and the believer are an intriguing contrast with fantastic chemistry!


~ Sherlock Holmes & Irene Adler — Sherlock Holmes




Robert Downey, Jr.’s Sherlock Holmes was brilliant, eccentric, and oh-so-sighworthy in his scenes with Irene Adler, portrayed by Rachel McAdams.


~ Marion Ravenwood & Indiana Jones — Raiders of the Lost Ark





Perhaps my favorite movie couple of all! Indiana Jones met his match in Marion, a strong, smart woman who intrigues him as much as any artifact. The fact that Harrison Ford portrayed Indy is definitely a plus for elevating this movie couple above the others in my top five. Swoonworthy!


Now it’s your turn—who are your top movie couples? What makes them special in your book?







Brilliant Egyptologist Alexandra Quinn is stunned when the man who’d shattered her young heart rescues her from an intruder at the last minute. Forced to work with the rakish Lord, they must identify a cunning murderer who’s left a blood-drenched trail from Cairo to London. Alex knows better than to trust Benedict, but the wicked promise in his kiss tempts her.

Benedict Weston, Viscount Marlsbrook, never wanted to be a hero. For years, he’s plundered antiquities in his quest to restore his family’s debt-ridden estate. Now, a killer has targeted the only woman he’s ever loved—the woman he craves with a soul-deep hunger. He’ll do whatever it takes to protect Alex—even from himself.





Award-winning author Tara Kingston writes historical romance laced with intrigue, danger, and adventures of the heart. She lives her own happily-ever-after in a cozy Victorian with her real-life hero and a pair of deceptively innocent-looking cats. When she’s not writing, reading, or burning dinner, Tara enjoys movie nights, cycling, hiking, DIY projects, and cheering on her favorite football team. Learn more about Tara’s books at www.tarakingston.com .


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