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Does anyone remember the episode of “Friends” with the “Freebie list“?

This was a list of 5 celebrities you were allowed to sleep with, by mutual agreement with your partner. Because the chances of even meeting said celebrities was nil. Then Isabella Rossellini, who Ross had just removed from his list, walked into the café.

Watch it! It’s hilarious.

Who would be on your Freebie List?


Here’s my Author Freebie List #TopFive


Freebie List #1

Donny Osmond!

He was my early teenage years pop idol. Oops—I’m giving away my age here.


Freebie List #2

Armie Hammer

My most recent celebrity crush. I didn’t know of his existence until I saw him in The Man from U.N.C.L.E. Oh boy. Fanning myself now.


Freebie List #3

Alexander the Great

He’s my all-time (dead) hero. Yes, really! Have you never read “Fire from Heaven?”

But you need to understand—he wasn’t exactly a nice man…


Freebie List #4

Sir Lancelot (du Lac)

He’s my favourite fictional heart-throb. He may have been based on a real person, but I’m not sure we’ll ever know. He’s the ultimate Bad Boy, who sleeps with the Queen, no less! He battles, bonks and goes barmy. Never a dull moment!

Sir Lancelot


Freebie List #5

Gerard Butler

Gorgeous when younger, just as gorgeous now. I first encountered him in “The Phantom of the Opera”. Such charisma! He just goes from strength to strength, playing tough guys, sweet guys, evil guys and funny guys. Could I hold an intelligent conversation with him without drooling? Probably not.

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Emma Hibbert will never again trust a good-looking man. They offer nothing but heartbreak and humiliation. But her conscience won’t let her abandon a sinfully handsome stranger needing help—even if he ignites an unwelcome passion in her. She soon realizes she should have left him in the mud where she found him, for he has the power to ruin everything…

Viscount Tidworth is anything but grateful for being rescued after a tumble from his horse. His pretty savior may be well-meaning, but forcing him to delay his journey completely wrecks his engagement plans. And Tidworth cannot let that stand. But when he discovers Emma’s true identity, he must choose between his desire for revenge…and his baffling attraction to her.






Elizabeth Keysian felt destined to write historical romance due to her Cornish descent, and an ancestral connection to the Norse god Odin. Being an only child gave her plenty of time to read, create imaginary worlds, produce her own comics, and write sketches and a deplorably bad musical for an amateur dramatics group.

Three decades spent working in museums and archaeology fired Elizabeth’s urge to write, as did living on a Knights Templar estate, with a garage full of skeletons, a resident ghost and a moat teeming with newts.

Elizabeth lives near Bath in England with her partner and cats.


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  • I love your selections! I would have to switch Ross with Tom Selleck in Magnum and Donnie Osmond for David Cassidy. I agree on the others!!

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