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State of Emergency


Cathryn Fox


As you all know, I write romance. It’s my love, but it wasn’t always my first love. I grew up reading Stephen King, and Dean Koontz. I started far younger than I should have, which is why I’m such a scaredy-cat now, lol. For years my husband has been telling me I need to write horror or thrillers, but I barely sleep now as it is.


But something recently happened, and I can’t help but think maybe now is the time to try a new genre. Let me tell you about my recent adventure, and see if you think I should frame a story around it.


I’ve always dreamed of going to Jamaica. Many years ago, my friend went there on her honeymoon. I was so excited for her, but incredibly envious. For my own honeymoon, I went to Florida because of budget. (I still had a great time!) So, this year was the year. I was finally going to Jamaica and crossing it off my bucket list.


We got up at the crack of dawn, and flew to the gorgeous island. Our resort was beautiful, the people were friendly, and the food was outstanding. The weather wasn’t hot hot, but I was okay with that. Three glorious days into our vacation my husband stands up and sees what he thought was a destroyer ship coming our way. He thought that was odd, until an alert came through my phone.


“Canadian’s urged to exercise Caution in Jamaica’s Montego Bay.”


I freak out and click on the link to read some pretty scary things like this:


On Thursday, Jamaican authorities imposed a state of emergency in the northwestern parish of St. James, which includes Montego Bay, in response to a severe spike in violent crimes in the area.


– “Military forces have been deployed to the area in an attempt to stabilize the situation,” Travel Canada said in a release.


– “If you are staying at a resort in the affected area, restrict your movements beyond resort security perimeters. If you do travel outside these perimeters, use transportation arranged or provided by the resort. Use organized tour operators for excursions and travel to and from the airport. If you are in the affected area, be extremely vigilant, follow the instructions of local authorities and monitor local news.”


I was frightened, everyone was frightened. It was all the chatter at the resort, and we spoke to other guests, security etc. My husband assured me everything would be fine, and to just drink more wine, lol. Later that night, we came across 5 military men in the resort, and I freaked again, and had a million questions about our safety ON the resort. I was also concerned about our safety traveling back to the airport through the affected areas.


We finally boarded the bus on the way home, and there were police and military everywhere, guns drawn. This was in our statement. “…warned that security forces will have “extraordinary powers” and “some rights will be suspended.” Great right? Except we were told police were as corrupt as the gangs. They were checking everyone. I was never so happy to reach the airport, but when I got there and talked to people at other resorts I was horrified to learn they heard numerous gun shots over the course of their vacation, and there were murders right outside their resorts.


The plane finally arrived and we boarded. The flight attendant made an announcement, looking for numerous passengers—none of who were on the plane. We had a full plane going there, and a lot of empty seats coming back. Oh, how my writer’s mind went crazy.


So, what do you think, should I frame a story around this? Thriller? Horror? Maybe even romance?


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New York Times and USA Today Bestselling author, Cathryn Fox is a wife, mom, sister, daughter, and friend. She loves dogs, sunny weather, anything chocolate (she never says no to a brownie) pizza and red wine. She has two teenagers who keep her busy with their never ending activities, and a husband who is convinced he can turn her into a mixed martial arts fan. Cathryn can never find balance in her life, is always trying to find time to go to the gym, can never keep up with emails, Facebook or Twitter but loves to spend time writing page-turning books that her readers will love.




Billionaire software developer Parker Braxton knows everyone wants something from him. That’s why he made a multi-million-dollar bachelor pact with his friends to never marry. But he never counted on running into, literally, the quiet but sensual Layla Fallon.

Layla isn’t afraid of hard work. Still, there is no light at the end of her student-loan tunnel. When Stuck-Up Suit—Parker Braxton—accidentally runs her over, it’s the last things she needs. She refuses his help, but he’s persistent. He’s also handsome, kinder than she ever expected, and she’s doing her best to ignore her attraction. Which is harder than it sounds when she’s recuperating at his penthouse.

Sparks fly. Hearts flutter. But falling for Layla could cost Parker more than just several million dollars.





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