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It’s New Release Monday!

Check out all of our hot new romance this week at Entangled.



The Test by Tawna Fenske


This is a test. A test of every life decision Lisa Michaels has ever made.


When her fiancé ditches her at the altar, Lisa’s left questioning every decision she’s ever made. What if her instincts have been steering her wrong all along? And what if she tested that theory by spending one month doing the exact opposite of what she’d normally do?


A crazy-hot fling with a tattooed steelworker seems like a good starting point…

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Straight Up Irish by Magan Vernon


I need a wife if I want to help save my family’s billion-dollar pub empire. There’s just one problem: I never plan on marrying. So, I need someone who understands that this is just another business deal. I don’t do commitments. And my brother’s beautiful executive assistant, Fallon Smith, fits that bill. A fake wedding and a whole lot of whiskey. What could go wrong?

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Leaving Everest by Megan Westfield




Emily Winslowe has had an adventurous upbringing, climbing the world’s highest peaks with her father. But there’s something important her best friend, Luke Norgay, doesn’t know. It’s the reason she ended up in the Himalayas in the first place…and the reason she must summit Everest this year. It’s also the reason she can’t risk her heart to follow him back to Washington. But none of that matters if they can’t survive the mountain.

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Cinderella and the Geek by Christine Phillips


I’m not looking for love or a Happily-Ever-After because I know how that ends. I just need to concentrate on my degree and look after myself. But there’s something about my boss, Harry, I can’t resist. It’s crazy since he’s so hot and smart it should be illegal. But I’m off to pursue my dreams, and he’s taking his business to the next level. There’s no way this fairytale has a happy ending, but that doesn’t keep me from wishing for it.

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His for the Week by Alice Gaines


Sex columnist Désirée “Rae” Knight is in a bind—and not the kind she usually likes. Her newest assignment, and possible big break, is an article for her magazine on the sex resort that just opened. The only problem is it’s couples only. Although she writes about having red-hot sex, she’s been single longer than she’d like to admit. Enter her coffee shop crush, who she’s been secretly ogling every morning. Trouble is, he doesn’t know she exists.

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