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I know that I’m very, very late to this particular bandwagon, but on the way home from Disneyland this summer, I watched some episodes of The Big Bang Theory. Now, I’d heard it was great and lots of our friends’ favorite, but we just didn’t have time to add another show. But after watching five episodes, I told my husband we needed to make time. Now that I’d had a little taste of Sheldon and the gang, house cleaning and boring chores could definitely take a back seat to some serious binge watching. At the present moment, we are six episodes into season seven. We returned from California on August 30th. I know—we’re committed. Not since Ross and Rachel have I loved a couple the way #IShip Leonard and Penny. They hit all the markers of a truly fantastic relationship.


They truly care about each other.







They cuddle. All the time. It’s adorable.







They make each other laugh; the hallmark of a good relationship in real life and on television.




But they also fight. Their fights come out of nowhere, right when everything is going well and to me, that feels like art imitating life.





They can be silly together.









They hug—and kiss—it out. A lot. And it’s adorable.







They’re a unit; part of a family. And family sticks together through it all.






Part of me wishes I hadn’t waited so long to watch. I’ve been missing Friends so much and all this time, The Big Bang could have filled a gap. But the other part of me is grateful that I get to watch it all new. All at once. That I get to see Leonard and Penny’s journey now.





I feel like I do at the end of a good book—I’m hesitant to finish it because I just don’t want it to be over. But, lucky for me (and all fans), it’s still going strong. Kind of like Penny and Leonard.


Do you have a favorite Penny/Leonard moment?




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Jody Holford lives in British Columbia with her family. She’s a huge fan of Rainbow Rowell, Nora Roberts, Carly Phillips, Rachel Gibson, Sophia Kinsella, and Emily Giffen. She’s unintentionally funny and rarely on time for anything. She writes multiple genres but her favourite is romance.


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