#Top5 Baseball Movies with Lynn Stevens


Top 5 Baseball Movies



  1.  42 – Jackie Robinson is one of the greatest baseball players to ever live. This is a fantastic movie about a man who broke down walls that never should have been there in the first place.



  1. The Sandlot –  A great movie about friendship and growing up. I’ll never understand how he didn’t know who Babe Ruth was though. ?



  1. The Field of Dreams – I’m a little biased about this movie. A few years ago, I had the pleasure of running the bases at the field. It’s in Dyersville, Iowa and, yes, it is a little bit of heaven.




  1. Major League – One of the best baseball movies with a great romantic angle. The friendship, the comradery, the game! And of course, Bob Uecker. I watch it every time it’s on. (And every time someone hits a long fly ball during a real game, I yell “too high”.) ?



  1. A League of Their Own – THERE’S NO CRYING IN BASEBALL. This movie is proof of a long forgotten era where women played the game. And they played it pretty damn good.




Okay, as an added bonus, my least favorite baseball movie….. Fever Pitch. I’m a Cardinals fan. If you know how that ends, and why the ending was rewritten, well…


Olivia Dawson doesn’t make mistakes. Unless those mistakes are a tall, broad-shouldered, cocky baseball player named Devon Miller. Devon and Olivia have been competing in their engineering classes since freshman year, and he seems to want nothing more than to get under her skin and shake her confidence. Unless you count that one time when he got under more than just her skin…

Now, they’re pitted against each other for a coveted internship that could open tons of doors for each of them. Only one of them can win. And they’re both ready to fight dirty if they need to.

Could Devon be playing for more than just his own gain—could he be after her heart?

Olivia is about to find out.

Game on.



Lynn Stevens flunked out of college writing her first novel. Yes, she still has it and no, you can’t read it. Surprisingly, she graduated with honors at her third school. Third time really is the charm. A former farm girl turned city slicker turned suburbanite, Lynn lives in the Midwest where she drinks coffee she can’t pronounce and sips tea when she’s out of coffee. When she’s out of both, just stay away.

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