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I love music. I’m a child of the 70’s and my father was a die-hard music fan, so it was always playing in my house.  One of my favorite artists is Luther Vandross.  Luther was a masterful vocalist who could deliver a love song better than anyone else I’ve ever heard.


I’ve been asked why do you listen to that ancient music.  My answer is always because I like it.  For me this kind of music tells a story, sometimes it’s heartbreak, sometimes romance and all the time it’s about a relationship.  In every book that I’ve written one of my characters is either listening, dancing or singing to a song.  Yes, my new McClendon Holiday Series is no different.


Throughout the book A McClendon Thanksgiving there is music.  In the opening scene, the McClendon sisters are back together Faith has come home and now they have that four-part harmony that their used to and they are so excited.


My playlist today, which is very long I might add, reflects some of that same music that I grew up listening to and some that I’ve added along the way.  Luther Vandross is always on the list multiple times.  Here are my top five by this wonderfully talented man who left us way too son.


My Top 5 Songs by Luther Vandross


1.  Anyone who had a heart

2. Never Too Much – ‘cause you make my heart scream and holler.

3. So Amazing

4. Promise Me

5. Other Side of the World


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Fashion designer Faith McClendon is back in Chicago to start over. She put her promising career on hold for too long, and she’s ready to get back in the game. She’s not willing to put her heart on the line again—it’s still far too bruised from her failed marriage for that, so when a renewed childhood friendship starts to make her think about second chances at love, she’s more than a little hesitant.

Photographer Michael Montgomery was Faith’s biggest cheerleader when she decided to move to New York City, and he’s been her shoulder to cry on since she came home to Chicago. He’s never been able to tell her how he feels, but maybe now is his chance to make the family portrait in his head—the one with Faith by his side—a reality. First, he’s going to have to break down the walls Faith has around her heart and convince her they can be so much more than friends.










Sean began writing romance at the encouragement of her dear friend Christian Fiction Author Jacquelin Thomas. After the release of her first two novels TOTAL BLISS and WITH THIS RING in 2005 & 2006, Sean continued to work diligently at her craft and her next novel. FROM THIS MOMENT, the second installment in the Hearts and Flowers Series, was released in January 2011. At an early age, Sean found that she loved words and tried to read everything she could get her hands on. She joined her first book club “Sweet Pickles” at the age of 7. Writing would come later, when she wrote short stories for her own enjoyment, then she wrote the Easter play for the youth at her church at the age of 12. Sean, a graphic/web designer loves building websites and graphics almost as much as she loves writing her stories. She loves working in her church and lives in Northwest Indiana with her family.

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