Five Creative Ways to Show You Love Him according to Marcie Kremer

Romance Awareness Month

It’s Romance Awareness Month and we’re dishing all month long about everything romance related. Today Marcie Kremer is dishing about five creative ways to show you love that special someone.

Ah, how to show the person you love how much you adore him! Of course, there are the usual ways…hugs, kisses, sidelong, meaningful glances, etc., etc., but, to really make an impact, here are other ideas, all suggested by Lady Eleanor of Strathcombe, in 1272. Eleanor has a great deal of experience in this demonstration of love, since she has been trying to vanquish her turbulent feelings for Lord Hugh ever since he returned from the Crusade, making her life miserable by accusing her of mismanaging her forest lands, of allowing poachers in the chase, and of being a “foolish, naïve ninny.” Unfortunately, that handsome Lord Hugh has an intense blue-eyed gaze and Eleanor has fallen head-over-heels for him.

Eleanor, with her intelligence and quick wit, has some specific ideas for you…..

1. Allow your love to borrow your falcon. That is, a hunting falcon with a lower case “f,” as in this:
and not this:

Should you not own a falcon, you could offer to let your lover borrow your new

Mercedes or your Tesla, as in this:

2. Being superior in intelligence does not mean you should let your lover beat you at chess in order to demonstrate your love for him.

Lady Eleanor would vehemently argue that you should beat him, and beat him soundly (after all, what worthwhile man doesn’t respect intelligence?), but that you make it up to him, somehow, very, very sweetly, with a come-hither smile.

3. It being 1272, Lady Eleanor writes love notes on vellum and parchment, using her quill pen, and has one of her knights carry the message of “I’m longing for you” to Lord Hugh, as this:

You, of course, don’t need the bother of trying to hunt down parchment or struggle with those messy quill pens splattering ink all over your newly-manicured fingernails. Just text your lover every now and then to let him know you’re thinking of him with fondness. An emoji or two is a plus!

4. Making his favorite meal is definitely another way to show your love for him. Lady Eleanor, naturally, has cooks galore and many elaborate dishes, like stuffed peacock with the feathers still intact that she could have them make for Lord Hugh.

Being that peacocks are in short supply and are not that tasty, you might want to try a steak dinner, instead:

5. Last, make your love laugh. Yes, shared laughter is one of the keys to a loving and lasting relationship, as you know, dear readers. Lady Eleanor, being the mischievous type, is wont to play a trick on Lord Hugh to make him laugh, but, she does think better of it, being the intelligent person that she is.  He does tend towards the prickly at times, so this kind of a prank would probably not pass muster and annoy him terribly. Thus, Eleanor arranges for a jester to come and entertain them in the Great Hall.

Rather than a prank (oh, my, yes, fun though it might be!), it would probably be much better if you found a funny movie to enjoy together and laugh:

Dear readers, I hope you have enjoyed reading Lady Eleanor’s advice and she hopes that these ideas for demonstrating your love will lead you to create your very own, as well.

Happy imaginings, and raise your wine goblets in a toast to love!

Marcie Kremer

Author of Torch in the Forest

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  • Great suggestions…but somehow, if I had a snazzy car, I am not sure I would let my sweetie borrow it unless I was in it, lol. Thanks for the fun post!

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