#AskAnAuthor: Who Would You Like to Celebrate #NationalHuggingDay with?




Monday January 21st is #NationalHuggingDay.

To celebrate, we asked our authors to tell us who they’d like to spend the day hugging and why.

Check out what they shared with us.




Danielle M Haas, Bound by Danger, January 28, 2019


I love to hug my dog, Bacchus. She is a Shar-Pei/Pitbull mix and will be twelve in May. She is my first baby and the one thing in my house that always helps calm me down and keep my sanity intact.





Shana Gray, The Nashville Bet December 2018

My kids! I always hug my boys even if they are 28 and 30. And the wonderful thing is…they hug me back. This picture is of my and my son and daughter-in-law out in the cold cutting down our Christmas tree. xoxoxo






Tee O’Fallon, Armed ‘N’ Ready, coming February 25, 2019

I have family and friends all around me, yet for the first time in my life, I’m dog-less. Ironic, given that I’m writing a K-9 series at the moment, and dogs are constantly in my thoughts. So, if I could hug anyone, it would be my sweet, beautiful Belgian Sheepdogs, Taz and Jet. Sadly, they’re gone now, having left a big, gaping hole in my heart. They were the absolute best. Smart, funny, devoted… I could go on and on singing their virtues. Their love and spirits live on inside me and I think about them often. Hopefully, one day soon, I’ll be giving all that love to more special puppies.






Who would you love to hug today? Let us know the story in the comments.

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