#ThrowbackThursday with Amanda Ashby

Throwback Thursday

Join us with our latest #ThrowbackThursday with Amanda Ashby!

It’s Throwback Thursday and I’m torn on whether to call this “Girl with the Big Hair Hanging Out in the Eighties” or ‘That Time My Friends Surprised Me With a Scary Looking Stripper For My Twenty-First Birthday”. Then again I could just go for “Look At That In the Corner Of The Shot. It’s An Actual Tape Player.”

But yes, it is me at the tender age of twenty-one, hanging out in my backyard, wishing that there wasn’t really a stripper there, because it was kind of weird. Which probably makes me sound prudish, but as an introvert, I’m pretty sure that there’s nothing worse than having a half-dressed older man randomly dance around you, thereby making you the center of attention. Plus, without sounding too judgey, he did have a mullet and a pornstache.

And it’s probably just one of the many things I have in common with my current heroine, Pepper Watson. Pepper is grumpy, doesn’t like change and really hates people knowing her business, which is a pity because ever since she broke off her engagement to her boss, her life’s been nothing but change!

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