#RightOrWrong: Angel vs. Spike with Juliette Cross

Angel vs Spike?

In this debate, there are die-hard fans on both sides, and I honestly think there are good arguments for both Angel and Spike in who Buffy belonged with. But if we’re going to talk about soulmates, I’m going to have to say Angel.




Before you start throwing stones at me, hear me out! Yes, there’s that whole part where they can’t be “together together” or Angel will lose his soul. Yet, their feelings deepen and intensify despite the fact they can never be physically together. Angel seems to become the “man” he’s meant to be with Buffy. She makes him a better man, a better soul.




And then we have Spike, the bad boy. There’s a tense, undeniable attraction between Buffy and Spike, and this passion eventually morphs into something deeper. But hot passion is lust, not love. Even though I believe Spike felt a kind of love for Buffy and vice versa, it isn’t the selfless love of Buffy and Angel.



As for their characters, if we look at Angel, we see he atoned for his past crimes as a vampire over and over again, even if he was forced to do so first. Spike chose his soul but he chose it for selfish reasons and then tried to get rid of it.






Spike backstabbed and tried to thwart Buffy at every turn. Angel didn’t. He admired her strength and helped her. Whereas Spike lusted for Buffy, Angel loved her from the very beginning. He loved her so much, he left her in the end so that she could lead a “normal” life. As a teenage vampire slayer, that is. His selfless actions prove that he was Buffy’s true love.





And yes, Spike paid a big price in the end, but his sacrifice was for mankind and personal atonement for his sins, in my opinion. Angel’s sacrifice, to leave her though it broke both their hearts, was for Buffy alone.



I know there are serious Spike fans out there, and I’m one of them! He’s smexy. But I still feel Angel was her soulmate.


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Juliette calls lush, moss-laden Louisiana home where the landscape curls into her imagination, creating mystical settings for her stories. She has a B.A. in creative writing from Louisiana State University, a M.Ed. in gifted education, and was privileged to study under the award-winning author Ernest J. Gaines in grad school. Her love of mythology, legends, and art serve as constant inspiration for her works. From the moment she read JANE EYRE as a teenager, she fell in love with the Gothic romance–brooding characters, mysterious settings, persevering heroines, and dark, sexy heroes. Even then, she not only longed to read more novels set in Gothic worlds, she wanted to create her own.

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10 Replies on #RightOrWrong: Angel vs. Spike with Juliette Cross

  • Team Spike all the way. Angel and Buffy may have been soulmates, but I never felt them as a couple. I enjoyed Angel’s absences more than his presence. A lot of why I prefer Spike over Angel has to do with the fact that I always felt like they both did despicable things, but Angel’s remorse never felt genuine or earned to me. While Spike’s was harder fought and his redemption felt earned.

    The reality is that Buffy shouldn’t have ended up with either. Which is why it plays out that way in the show. But I loved Buffy and Spike together best.

  • Spike. Spike. Spike!! Spike turned his back on everything he was post and pre-vampire life for Buffy and then ultimately for the world. (I should point out at this point in time I would have left my husband for Spike. ?)

  • YES, 100% totally agree with your Buffy/Angel assessment. I loved them so much – they were one of my first OTPs!

    And let’s be real: young Boreanaz. I MEAN.

  • Sorry but Spike wins every round. Angel was wimpy and pathetic and couldn’t decide on anything. Give him his own personal corner to cry in. Spike was there, Spike cared, he was there till the end. There’s no comparison really. I saw strength, passion, worth, sacrifices, and so much more from Spike. Nothing of which I saw in Angel.

  • Buffy’s perfect companion is Spike. Spike respected Buffy for her strength and independence and wanted to “help” her. Angel wanted to be the Alpha and “protect” her.

  • Your imagine of Spike is completely biased XD
    “[…]Even though I believe Spike felt a kind of love for Buffy and vice versa, it isn’t the selfless love of Buffy and Angel.”
    Spike kind of loved Buffy? It was not selfless? XD This made me laugh so much. Maybe it was not love at first sight (something that I think only exist in fairytale) but they did love each other in the end. It was a true selfless love. Spike took some bad decisions concerning Buffy ad Buffy did the same concerning Spike but when it mattered they were there for each other, even while they were not together and never thought to be together.
    Spike, after Buffy died, with no possibility of ever getting with her, stayed in Sunnydale because he loved her so much that he could not let her down even in death. He protected her friends and her town for her and for Dawn because he promised to her that he would. Angel what did? He went to pray somewhere I can’t remember.
    Buffy went against her watcher to save Spike in season seven.
    Angel wanted to leave Buffy to her destiny because of a prophecy and if Xander had not kicked his ass into helping he would not have gone to Buffy rescue (what a great rescue… he stayed there, looking at her while Xander did all the saving because he could not breath… what a stupid. He didn’t NEED to breath but he surely could inhale and exhale air, so he could do CPR.)

    “As for their characters, if we look at Angel, we see he atoned for his past crimes as a vampire over and over again, even if he was forced to do so first. Spike chose his soul but he chose it for selfish reasons and then tried to get rid of it.”
    To get Angel to start atone for his sins they had to dangle a 15 YO girl in front of his eyes, letting him understand that she would be his prize…. WOW. Let’s try to remember that Angel, after getting his soul went on killing for 2 Years, then passed 90 years moping.
    Spike got a soul during summer because he felt guilty about what he almost did to Buffy, and after moping maybe some months, got back to Sunnydale to help Buffy. Then he was used by the First that made him go crazy and triggered him into killing more people, making him feel even guiltier… And yes while crazy with guilt he tried to “get the spark out” but that were crazy talks, while sane he never tries to do something like that but would prefer to be killed. He fought for his soul.
    But I’m sure that while Angel was killing in those two years after getting his soul he has no thought about getting raid of it… nooo…
    And let’s try to think this: There was not a second in which Angelus even thought of getting his soul for Buffy. Not one. He tortured her psychologically, he killed one of her teacher and her watcher girlfriend, he went with her through a possession that made them kiss and feel love, but not for a second he would get the soul for her, he killed Jenny just to be sure that that would not happen…
    Spike instead went through some very hard tests to get it back. If it was selfish desire that guided him, I think he would have stopped long before being eaten from the inside by bugs. Ask anyone to go through what he did just to feel pain and guilt for the rest of his eternal life. I’m sure very little men would do that to get into the pants of a woman…
    Angel couldn’t take the thought of not being able to not have sex with Buffy. That was the reason he went away. Buffy told him that she didn’t care about sex, but Angel knew that he was weak that he couldn’t resist and thoguth that Buffy was a stupid girl that whould go with her hormones…… WOW. I mean you can be the best stud in the world, but if you go evil after sex be sure that no matter how much I love you, I will not be pulled in having sex with you. You can beg you can try to flirt and seduce me, but no thanks. But Angel went away, even going so far and calling what he and Buffy had a freak show to convince her to get a “normal” relationship….. WOW again. She is the f***ing slayer, man. She probably won’t have a very long life, she will fight against darkness all her life. What Joe Normal could not only be okay with being a lot weaker than his girl (not Riley) and to come second in a girl life (again not Riley or Robin…). Ever her would be son or daughter would come second to her call, we saw that with Nikki. He really had no motivation to go away but his one selfish ones. He was afraid and he run.
    What I wrote here even answer the next piece of your unbiased piece.
    Spike did went against her…when they were enemies… I mean is what enemies do… or I get the term wrong? It could be, I’m Italian.
    Angel liked her strength? He helped and her all the way? Please, in the first season he do all the dark handsome stranger things just to get her into him while LYING to her on what he was. I mean, he was a over 200 YO vampire, he could have done more then that kill Darla… there was nothing else he did that really helped. He always wanted to protect her, even when she didn’t need to be protected, and his favorite metod of protection? Keeping her in the dark (see prophecy girl, Taraka trio, Pangs, I will remember…).
    Spike is not only sexy. Saying you are a Spike fan because he is sexy makes you only a JM fan.
    You are a Spike fan when you understand the character and you don’t seem to understand him because you put everything he did for Buffy, because he loved her, under the label of lust.
    That said I want to say that I’m a Angel fan too, because I love his character, even if from what I wrote over here it doesn’t seem so. I love how he did wrong, he made mistakes, but in the end (in his show) he started to get things right… to really atone, for himself and not because there was Buffy at the end of the day.
    He found what love was for real with Connor, and even there he made mistakes, but his love for his son was so very real. I always hoped for him a good ending. He has flaws, like Buffy, like Spike, like Willow, like Giles, like Faith, like everyone and sometimes those flaws made me hat him, other time they made me love him, but I never thought that he was Buffy soul mate.
    I don’t believe in soulmate, not even in stories.
    You just love someone and it could go well or it could not and then, if you are lucky you will find someone else.
    Buffy and Angel loved each other? yes they did?
    Was their love perfect? No it wasn’t. not even when Angel could be her normal.
    Spike and Buffy loved each other? Yes they did?
    Was it perfect? Nope, but differently from Angel, Spike, even knowing that he had no chance stayed by Buffy until the end.
    Angel did that too, but not for Buffy. He did that for Darla. He did that for Cordelia, but he could not do that for Buffy. Stay beside her, help her even when you have no chance to win.

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