#TwitterLove Week of 2-10-2017

We asked:


You answered (and we added a lot of great excuses to our “escape plan” book):


Our dear friend BrazenScorched got a little “inspired” by a live tweet of Magic Mike:



We shared our favorite cartoon characters:



After a totally necessary Chuck and Blair make-out session, the lovely and talented Magan Vernon gave us bumpersticker aspirations:


We rather enjoyed watching Naima Simone and Juliette Cross have a Thor v. Aquaman showdown:


We swooned with you over epic kisses:


 (Oops, didn’t mean to get anyone in trouble there…ok maybe we instigated it a little.)


We celebrated a birthday! Thanks so much for all the birthday wishes. We decided to let Katy Perry speak for everyone.



And we learned the true definition of sexy:



All in all is was a pretty good week in the Twitterverse. Hope you’ll join us next week for more fun! Until then, spread a little #TwitterLove!

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