Entangled for the Holidays: Favorite Holiday Movies, Author Edition Part 1


It’s the most wonderful time of the year…

Entangled Staff shared their favorite holiday movies, now it’s time to find out what some of our authors love to watch this time of year.

jodiJodi Linton, author of Pretty Reckless

Christmas Vacation. What can I say? I have a spot soft for Clark Griswold and his many attempts to give his family the best damn Christmas ever. The awkward family greetings, dry turkey dinner, and tree lighting have always made me laugh. And really, finding humor in the season, even if it’s just laughing at old stories with your family, will bring you the most joy.

jcJ.C. Welker, author of The Wishing Heart (releasing 2017)

A Christmas Story. One of my most beloved holiday movies of all-time. Since I was a kid I’ve watched this movie every Christmas and it still is the best. Bunny outfit and all.

chriscChris Cannon, author of the Going Down in Flames series

My favorite holiday movie is A Christmas Story where Ralphie tries to convince his parents and then Santa that he needs a Red Ryder BB gun. It has so many laugh out loud moments.

anitadevitoAnita DeVito, author of Lost in Shadows

My favorite holiday movie is The Muppet Christmas Carol (1992). Not only do you have one of the most interesting holiday ghost stories going but, as a bonus, you get Gonzo and Rizzo the Rat narrating. And, unexpectedly, it is one of the truest adaptations of the Charles Dickens classic.

merrieMerrie Destefano, author of Lost Girls (releasing January 2017)

When December comes, I have a whole slew of Christmas movies that help me get in the holiday spirit. One of those is While You Were Sleeping. Set in Chicago, this film reminds me of home, since I grew up about 90 miles away from the Windy City. My favorite scene is when Sandra Bullock and Bill Pullman struggle to walk over an icy sidewalk—it always makes me laugh, because it’s so true! And who could forget the scene where we learned that a guy shows his true feelings for a girl by ‘leaning.’

gpua5kyd_400x400Cathryn Fox, author of Hands On

My favorite holiday movie is NATIONAL LAMPOONS Christmas Vacation Chevy Chase. It’s family tradition to watch it every year, but truth be told, I stick it in early December, and let it play over and over as background noise, when I’m cooking etc. My son teases me and says, oh, darn. I missed it, but that’s okay, I’ll catch the third viewing later today.

donnaDonna Alward, author of Seducing the Sheriff (releasing 2017)

My favorite holiday movie is White Christmas. I mean, I have a lot of favorites. Christmas Vacation for laughs. Love Actually for chick-flicky goodness. The Polar Express for magic…and Christmas with the Kranks for schmaltz. But White Christmas…it’s got it all. I mean, I’m a musical junkie and I sing along with all the songs. Rosemary Clooney has a twinkle in her eye that I adore. There’s a love story. There’s snow on Christmas Eve, for Pete’s sake. And there’s nostalgia…I’ve been watching White Christmas since I was a little girl, with my mom.

carolrCarol Riggs, author of The Lying Planet

My favorite holiday movie is The Family Man. I love humor, and “real life” movies with a twist of WEIRD. This movie follows the life of a self-focused Wall Street executive guy who thinks his life is perfect–until one fateful night at a convenience store. The next morning (which happens to be Christmas Day) he awakens elsewhere, and he’s given a magical glimpse back into the life he could’ve had if he and his sweetheart from younger days hadn’t parted ways. The little girl in this movie is awesome…she thinks her daddy has been taken over by aliens. If you haven’t watched this movie and you enjoy parallel universe/alternate reality kinds of plots, give this one a whirl this Christmas!

donnamichaels Donna Michaels, author of In a Ranger’s Arms

Hi there! Oh, I’m a big movie nut, so trust me, this was very tough to narrow down to just a measly one, but, since I love humor, I’m going to have to go with Christmas Vacation. What a laugh fest! Between the Christmas tree mishaps, lightbulb issues, crazy relatives, shopping, overcooked bird, and cousin Eddy, I constantly laugh no matter how many times I watch this movie. But underneath all the snickering and laughter is a message: The holidays aren’t about decorations, food, or gifts…they’re about family.


Do any of these movies make your holiday binge list? Let us know in the comments!

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