Wish List for October 2016

The editors at Entangled Publishing are always looking for the next breakout hit. Could that be your book? Each month, we have a new wish list from our editors. Watch for them as they’ll change monthly. Let’s discover each other today! All submissions can be sent through our Submittable system. The link can be found here: http://www.entangledpublishing.com/submission-information/



Alycia Tornetta, Editorial Director of Bliss, Ignite, and Select Suspense
• Sweet romance w/ a fun twist on a popular trope. Baby on the doorstep mixed with enemies-to-lovers like Life as We Know It.
• Sweet romance featuring pro-athletes in hockey/football/baseball falling for the hotel guest whose key gets mixed up.
• Suspense/thriller featuring FBI/CIA falling for the forensic pathologist/criminalist/CSI/hacker helping them with their case.
• International espionage thriller. Maybe the hero falls for the enemy?
• M/M or F/F YA, NA, adult romance that isn’t about coming out. Maybe friends to lovers, or bad boy/girl next door.
• YA fantasy with a slow burn romance. Maybe a fun twist on retelling, like Ash.


Alethea Spiridon, Editorial Director of Scandalous and Select Historical
• As editor: I’d like to see a Marriage of Convenience book for Bliss, and anything else for Bliss as well. Fresh and seasoned voices welcome.
• As ED: Well done, high concept time travel books, and Marriage of Convenience books set in Highland, Victorian, Regency, or Viking eras.

Erin Molta, Senior Editor
• Vikings! Viking! Vikings! Not necessarily thrall and jarl but more sword maiden and her jarl or the attempt to seduce either…
• Highlander Hijinks would also be appreciated—one can’t help but love Scots in kilts.
• Regency is a given—some particular tropes include Revenge/Redemption/Secret Baby/Fake Engagement/ MOC. Basically we’re looking for high concept Regency — Lords (Dukes, Earls, Viscounts and the like) winning the hearts of the Ladies and vice-versa. And, of course, the setting is key.
• Medieval is also an era I’d love to see more of—lords and ladies and knights and squires and their damsels. Medieval times is a tad rougher than Regency but it’s where chivalry began and jousting and those knights in shining armor…


Heather Howland, Associate Publisher, Editorial Director of Lovestruck
• I’m looking for fresh voices to champion the Lovestruck imprint. We specialize in blending humor, heat, and fun. I would love to have a cop/law enforcement series on the line, as well as athletes (football, baseball, and hockey, in particular), military, and cowboys. As always, I love a relatable heroine!
• High-stakes, contemporary-based sci-fi for the Teen imprint. Artificial intelligence, DNA-enhanced soldiers, characters who’ve been made into the ultimate weapon, biochemical warfare, super viruses, etc. If it’s just on the horizon, I’m interested.
• Contemporary-set, YA fairytale retellings for our Crave imprint. These should be paranormal or sci-fi in nature, but in a contemporary world that doesn’t require much world building.
• I have several openings for authors interested in writing on spec for Lovestruck. Spec projects, by Entangled’s definition, are projects that are plotted by the editor and written to spec by an author. The world and characters belong to Entangled, but the rest of the contract is standard. To be considered, you must already be traditionally published. Submit your cover letter and a 30-page writing sample that demonstrates the voice I could expect in your Lovestruck writing. Please title the submission SPEC CALL and use this link:

Jenn Mishler, Editor
• I’m looking for sweet romances with rugged heroes that sweep our everyday heroines off their feet. If they have an animal sidekick, even better!
• I also want to see more of our post-college heroines traveling to foreign countries, like Scotland or Germany and falling for the perfect man.
• I also am waiting for the perfect paranormal romance for our CRAVE line, anything shifters or anything like Marissa Meyer.


Kate Brauning, Senior Editor
• A YA monster thriller—the classic “something’s out there” story with a twist. Comps to Stranger Things or Cabin in the Woods.
• Light YA sci-fi set on Earth in modern-day with a strong romance.
• Sweet to spicy adult romance that revolves around clever and unusual meet-cutes, especially with strong setting and a strong community feel. Bonus points for LGBTQ+.
• Adult romantic suspense, especially featuring hackers
• Adult international espionage and CIA/FBI thrillers with heat!


Lydia Sharp, Editor
• Sweet/closed door category romance for the Bliss line! Small town setting that feels like a character itself.
• Looking for strong heroines who work with the community in some way, like teachers, small business owners, veterinarians, pharmacists, mayor/city council, etc. Everyday heroes preferred, who have protective instincts and a strong sense of family, honor, and respect—although that doesn’t mean they can’t be a “bad boy” type hero.
• Humor sprinkled in with the drama, and witty banter, are always a plus!
• Favorite tropes are: fake relationship/fake engagement, opposites attract, enemies to lovers, friends to lovers, brother’s best friend/best friend’s sister, across the tracks, fish out of water, ugly duckling, tortured hero, mistaken identity/secret identity, forbidden love, matchmaker, return to hometown (but NOT reunion or second chance love), redemption.


Suzanne Evans, Associate Editor
• I’m looking for commercial contemporary and sci-fi/fantasy YA for Entangled’s teen lines! I’m especially excited for Crush books right now—a major plus for swoony boys I know I’d have had a huge crush on, and strong, stubborn heroines.
• High-heat romantic suspense. Extra points for hot cops!
• NA LGBT stories that touch on not only making your way as a new adult, but the challenges that come along with finding your identity at the same time.
• Small town stories for Bliss! Sweet romance, reuniting old lovers.
• Heroes who go above and beyond for their heroines. (And having some extra money to do it won’t hurt…)
• High-concept YA and NA in any subgenre, but bonus points for sci-fi!


Tera Cuskaden, Editorial Director for Select Otherworld
• High concept plots she can sell in one sentence.
• She’s looking for paranormal romance with great romantic tension between alpha males and strong heroines.
• She’s looking for fresh voices and amazing stories that will suck her into the world and keep her up past her bedtime reading.
• She’s open to all genres and themes, though she’s specifically looking for shifters (wolves, big cats, bears, and dragons in particular), vampires, and science fiction/fantasy with crossover elements, such as shifters and/or vampires.
• She’d love to see large paranormal worlds with many different paranormal elements, such as vampires, shifters, witches, angels and demons, etc.
• She would love to see sci-fi stories in the style of 12 Monkeys, Firefly, and Star Wars.
• Contemporary-based sci-fi. Think DNA-enhanced soldiers, super soldiers, medical issues, military, artificial intelligence, hackers and international espionage, Outbreak.

General submissions
• High concept plots she can sell in one sentence.
• She’d love to see romances with single dads that will melt her heart.
• Romantic suspense/thrillers that make her heart race in more ways than one.
• Sexy contemporaries featuring everyday, relatable heroines (think teacher, nurse, veterinarian, etc.), and above-average heroes (though they don’t have to be billionaires, unless you’re targeting Indulgence).
• Erotic romances that make her blush.
• Manuscripts targeted toward the Indulgence imprint (Here’s where those billionaires come into play!)
• Men in uniform or veterans.
• Women on vacation.
Theresa Cole, Editor
• I’m still hunting for a dark, gritty series full of hot-as-hell shifters! (Doesn’t have to be wolves!)
• Small-town, laugh-out-loud romantic comedies with or without paranormal elements
• A series about a band of brothers (teammates? family? business partners?) falling for the everyday heroines we can all relate to.


Wendy Chen, Associate Editor
• Wendy Chen is looking for a fresh voice for Entangled’s Bliss imprint.
• She would love to see an everyday American heroine who unexpectedly finds herself overseas when she meets her tech genius hero. Write a unique twist to tried and true tropes.
• Some of her favorites are enemies to lovers, surprise baby, girl/boy next door.


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