August 2016 Editor Wish List

The editors at Entangled Publishing are always looking for the next breakout hit. Could that be your book? Each month, we have a new wish list from our editors. Watch for them as they’ll change monthly. Let’s discover each other today! All submissions can be sent through our Submittable system. The link can be found here:




Alicia Tornetta, Senior Editor, and Editorial Director of Bliss, Suspense, and Ignite
• High concept YA for print. I’d love something with time travel or alternate history. Romantic comedy contemporary is also great. Something with a strong romance that makes me laugh and swoon. Bad boys, boy next door, best friend etc. Unique setting is always great too.
• Sweet romance for Bliss. Unique characters and story with strong tropes and conflict. Huge plus if the hero is military, police, firefighter, or a pro athlete (hockey, baseball, football, etc). I’d love more friends to lovers, forced proximity, and marriage of convenience stories.
• Sexy romantic suspense. Something with series potential featuring a SEAL team, ex-military security team, or some other kind of elite team. Also looking for FBI/CIA books. Maybe partners falling for each other, etc.
• NA with a strong hook. Addictive, sexy, trope-driven romance—and light, funny, contemporary romance books. Enemies to Lovers LGBT romance with rival sorority or fraternity members falling for each other. Something with roommates or a bet trope could be fun, too.

Heather Howland, Editorial Director of Lovestruck

• I’m on the hunt for the next bestselling Lovestruck author! Send me shenanigans and heat, a meet-cute I’ll never forget, and the kind of grand gesture I’ll be talking about for weeks. Fresh, up-tempo voices, and a 50/50 split between the hero and heroine POVs are musts. I prefer strangers-to-lovers stories to reunited lovers or heroes and heroines who already know each other.
•I would love to take on an author who writes gritty, sexy, single-title romance. Contemporary is preferred, though I would happily take on another hero-focused paranormal series like Laura Kaye’s Hearts of the Anemoi.
• Have you always wanted to write Brazen? I’m looking for a Brazen author who writes heat AND heart. Send me an explosive best friends-to-lovers story and I’ll love you forever. I’m also particularly interested in forced proximity, strangers-to-lovers, and bet books full of banter and unexpected sex scenes.
• I’m looking for three new YA authors to add to my list. I’m interested in high-concept contemporary and scifi. Commercial, yet literary voices are a plus, as are scowl-y boys.

Karen Grove, Senior Editor
• An NA that takes place in a tight-knit working community, i.e. military academy, coast guard training, fire academy, police academy, med school, SEAL training, etc. Where work, play, and free time are all spent in that world. (I know I keep asking for this, but I really, really want it.)
• A humorous “always a bridesmaid” type story for Lovestruck or Entangled Select.
• A humorous story about a college student who does everything she can to humiliate the guy who left her all dressed up with nowhere to go on prom night during high school. It could be a misunderstanding—she believes he had asked her out but he was unaware of their date, or he really was a dick and will slowly come to change over the course of his embarrassment. Whatever the circumstances, heroine’s plot must be more humorous…thwarting his plans and causing embarrassment…than mean.

Kate Brauning, Senior Editor
• YA local disaster stories—think earthquake, tornados, flooding, etc., that turn a teen’s life into a contemporary thriller.
• Queer adult romantic comedies or small town romances. Bonus points of the small town has a Stars Hollow feel.
• Sweet to spicy adult romance that revolves around clever and unusual meet-cutes, especially with strong settings
• A YA girl gang Ocean’s Eleven!
Tera Cuskaden, Editorial Director of Select Otherworld
• For Otherworld, I’m looking for paranormal romance with great romantic tension between alpha males and strong heroines. Of particular interest: shifters (wolves, big cats, bears, and dragons in particular), vampires, and science fiction/fantasy with crossover elements such as shifters and/or vampires.
• I’d love to see large paranormal worlds with many different paranormal elements, such as vampires, shifters, witches, angels and demons, etc., and I would love to see sci-fi stories in the style of 12 Monkeys, Firefly, and Star Wars.
• For other submissions, I’d love to see romances with single dads that will melt my heart, romantic suspense/thrillers that make my heart race in more ways than one, sexy contemporaries featuring blue-collar heroes, erotic romances that make me blush, and manuscripts targeted toward the Indulgence imprint.

Theresa Cole, Editor
• Blue-collar heroes. Even better if they have to deal with a fish-out-of-water heroine and humorous situations.
• Small-town, laugh-out-loud romantic comedies with or without paranormal elements.
• Heroines in unconventional roles, or even mistaken identity situations, ANY imprint, YA, NA, or adult.
• And I would love to get my hands on a dark, gritty series full of hot-as-hell shifters!
Wendy Chen, Editor
• I’m looking for a hot new Bliss author! I would love to see a hero in uniform, in small town USA or overseas. Some of my favorite tropes are relationships of convenience, surprise baby, girl/boy next door.

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