Top 5 Dating Problems That Can Happen if You Live in a Small Town

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by Sonya Weiss

I love small towns. The down home feel, the close-knit kindness of the people and the die-hard traditions make small towns among some of the best places to live as well as visit.

In my book, Stealing the Bachelor, the heroine makes reference to a tobacco spitting contest. This is actually a valid contest, and boasts a record setting champion in Raleigh, Mississippi, a lovely town with a population of less than 1,500.

Celebrating the fun of dating in small towns, I want to share the top five dating problems you can experience if you live in a small town.

1. The hot spot where you and your guy go to mingle and talk to cute guys or cute girls is also where the older generation hangs out because there’s nowhere else to go on a Friday night. So if you feel like unwinding and going a little crazy, you can bet your mama, your daddy, and your grandma will hear about you tossing back too many, and making out with “that boy.”

2. If your town is really small, you may have dated more than a few of the guys or girls you went to high school with. That can be awkward if you run into them when you’re out with your new love, especially if the last foray into coupledom didn’t end well.

3. Getting frisky while going parking means your picture ends up in the gazette and everyone in town knows what you were up to on Saturday night.

4. Despite how much you (or the person you’re dating) has changed and matured since high school, none of that will matter if you’re the one who toilet papered the principal’s house or slimed the toilet seats at church with Vaseline.

5. If you have a fight and break up, even if it’s only temporary, battle lines will be drawn and someone’s getting the cold shoulder from half the town. It’s worse if you grew up with the person you dated and your families have been friends since forever.

But dating in a small town isn’t always problematic. More often than not, there are heart-catching moments that showcase the beauty of romance in a small town.

Things like: sitting at the lake watching the sun set, catching fireflies, or summer love lights as they’re called, sharing a kiss goodnight after the county fair, or getting together for every day as well as special events with generations of family and friends you’ve known since you started school. That’s the magic of a small town.

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