Susan Meier Wants to Know…What if You Inherited a BILLION dollars?


Donovan Brothers by Susan Meier

The heroes from the Donovan Brothers Novels, Finn, Cade and Devon, are really resourceful, smart guys. Finn was a successful businessman. Cade had a ranch. Devon was a corporate attorney. They didn’t need their grandfather’s money. They’d already inherited his resourcefulness.

But it doesn’t hurt to have a little extra cash.

Have you ever daydreamed about what you’d do if you suddenly won the lottery or inherited a ton of money?

Two of my sisters always say they’d make sure everyone in the family had a debt-free house. That’s a pretty tall order when you consider there are eleven kids in my family and houses aren’t cheap! LOL

My son says he’d buy a HUGE house at the beach and give everybody a key. That’s a really nice idea too.

But me? I think I’d do things differently. In fact, my husband and I have actually talked about this.

First, unless required by law (LOL), we wouldn’t tell anyone we’d won the lottery (or inherited a ton of money). We’d remodel our house. He’d buy a truck. (Seriously? Do you know a guy who wouldn’t buy a truck?) And then we’d live as we always have…except if anyone got into financial trouble or needed a house or new car, we’d quietly, behind the scenes, help them out.

We wouldn’t want our lives to change. We’re pretty darned happy, though both of our upstairs bathrooms are in desperate need of remodeling and I really, really, really need a bigger closet. Plus, it wouldn’t hurt to be able to visit Aspen at the height of ski season or Greece or Paris – oh, Paris! – or New York City at Christmas, or Vegas…

You get the picture! LOL

So what would YOU do if you suddenly got a billion dollars? Come let us know on the Bliss Books Fan Page!

~Susan Meier

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