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Hello there friends!

With my new book coming out, I’ve been thinking a lot about my writing must haves. You know what I mean, those tools and materials that I can’t live without. That I can’t write without.

So here are my top 5.

#5: A thesaurus. Because though I’m a writer, I have the worst word-finding problem. Once I was wracking my brain trying to figure out what the name of the place you would take your car to get it washed. So I asked my husband, “Hey, babe. What’s the name of the place you take your car to get it washed?” (As I write this, I see how crazy it is my mind wouldn’t connect.) He raised a brow. “Are you serious? Sometimes I’m really worried about you.” LOL!

#4: Coffitivity. One of my favorite things is the background noise at coffee shops and restaurants. I can’t stand silence. It roars in my head like a jet engine. Coffitivity gives me choices of back ground clang and chatter. Gives me the sounds of inspiration without the temptation of people watching. It calms me and my finger’s fly!

#3: Lip gloss and slippers. It doesn’t matter what kind of gloss as long as it feels good on my lips. I do have favorites. But often times, my favorite one is whatever I’m wearing. My husband calls me goo-girl, and he isn’t wrong. Ha! But, when I write, I’m all about comfort. I need moisture on my lips and slippers on my feet! Once my two ends are good to go. I go!

#2: Peanut Butter. This just is. Every day. There are 365 days of spoonful opportunities. Going through a jar a week or more in my home is not uncommon. When the peanut butter passes my lips, a wash of calm falls over me like a cleansing rain. Then the words fall onto my computer.

#1: Coffee. This one needs no explanation. But in the spirit of sharing, I happily fall asleep at night, thinking about my first cup of coffee for the morning. Some may say I have a problem, but I just think of it as preparing.

Now you know my secrets. I imagine each of you have a handful of must haves for your favorite creative activity. Let me in on them. I might just add to my repertoire!

Hugs, loves, and peanut butter!



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