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TWH_500-3Hello! I’m Diane Alberts, but you also might know me as Jen McLaughlin! I’m here to talk about my latest release with Entangled Brazen, TAKING WHAT’S HIS! It’s the fourth book in the Shillings Agency series, and I had so much fun with this book! Not only because Holt Cunningham is a hot, sexy, nerdy, dirty talking hero–because, God, he is. And not only because it has LITERALLY the longest sex scene I’ve ever written before. Cause it DOES.

But also…

Okay, so, if any of you follow me on Twitter, this isn’t a huge surprise to you–but I’m a HUGE Doctor Who fan. Like, HUGE. And for the first time ever, I was able to put that into a book, hehe. My hero and heroin both watch Doctor Who, so needless to say, it comes up a bit.

Here’s a little insider information, though. Any time you see a Doctor Who item come into play–I won’t go into details, because spoilers!!–it’s something I have. I own in, and you can be damn sure that if you walked into my house (or in front of it), you’d see it! It’s a little peek into my life, more so than any other character, I’d say. 😉

After you read it, come tell me what you saw that you think I have, and I’ll tell you if you’re right!


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