Jaxon vs Bowen – Round 2 Match 3 March Madness

Winner: Bowen


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Jaxon vs Bowen
Round 2 Match 3


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Top 5 Reasons Why Jaxon Westgate is the Ultimate Hero

BridgesBurnedCOVERfinalHello, my name is Chris Cannon. I live in Southern Illinois with my husband and my three dogs: Pete the shitzu who sleeps on my desk while I write, Molly the ever-shedding yellow lab, and Tyson the sandwich-stealing German Shepherd Beagle. I believe coffee is the Elixir of Life.

Bridges Burned is the second book in the Going Down In Flames series. Jaxon was a serious ass-hat in book one (Going Down In Flames) but by book two he’s discovered that Bryn is honorable and has developed a deep seated loyalty towards her.

1. Jaxon is a Blue dragon. Once you’ve won Jaxon’s respect he will stand by you until his last breath. (And look hawt while doing so.)

2. Jaxon looks like the all american male who should be walking down the beach carrying a surf board. Golden tan skin, Blond tousled hair, bright blue eyes. Check out these photos of how I imagine Jaxon.

Picture #1

Picture #2

3. Jaxon can be fierce one moment and gentle the next. Here is a moment in the book where he came through for Bryn when she was injured.

Jaxon climbed into the pit and placed one arm under Bryn’s lower back and one under her knees. “I’ve got her weight.” … “Look at me, Bryn.” Jaxon held her gaze. “You can do this.” In a swift motion, he pulled her upward and cradled her to his chest.

4. Favorite Jaxon quote when Bryn asks him if he has to be so condescending.

“I strive to be just condescending enough but the balance is hard to maintain.”

5. All snarkiness aside, Jaxon is fiercely loyal and fights to protect those he deems worthy. Here he is defending a friend.

“If you ever refer to Rhianna as damaged again I will do all within my power to make your life a living hell.”

If you enjoy fiercely-loyal yet snarky, golden-skinned, blue eyed men who will defend you until death, then vote for Jaxon Westgate.

Find out more about Jaxon in Going Down in Flames by Chris Cannon


Top 5 Reasons Bowen Driscol is the Ultimate (Anti)Hero

Hello, my name is Tessa Bailey and I love bad boys. Not just any bad boys, though. Heroes who think they’re unredeemable, but actually have it in them to save the day? They are my weakness. In my book, RISKING IT ALL, we are along for the ride with Brooklyn crime boss, Bowen Driscol, whose family legacy has prepared him to die by the gun. Until he meets Seraphina, an undercover cop, and finds something to live for.

1. Bowen brings the dirty.

Yes, it’s a fact. Dirty-hot things make their way out of my heroes’ mouths with alarming frequency, but Bowen’s mouth is unrivaled in the dirty talk department. And he doesn’t care that Seraphina is an inexperienced virgin, she’s going to hear all about how Bowen wants her.

2. Bowen is a secret artist.

That moment when Seraphina walks into Bowen’s apartment for the first time and sees that every inch of his walls are covered in conflicted, tortured murals? Yeah, that’s when he became extra real for me. I understood him then. The fact that he’s self-conscious about his talent only makes it better.

3. Bowen painted the halo.

In keeping with his artistic talents, Bowen paints a halo over Seraphina’s head one night while she’s sleeping. I mean, come on.

4. Bowen is a protector.

Whether you’re a rude customer complaining to Seraphina about her lousy waitressing skills or trying to kill her? You better have an apology and/or a place to hide handy, because no one hurts Sera. And Bowen is coming for you.

5. Bowen is a good listener.

One of my favorite qualities possessed by Bowen is his rapt focus when Seraphina is speaking. He listens to her, files is away and brings back what he learned later in the book. Everything she says carries great importance to him and that’s the best feature a man can have.

Mr. Bowen Driscol is a hero I’ve long carried a torch for. He’s the man you want to fix, but also don’t want to change a single thing about him. He’s perfectly damaged and I love him. A vote for Bowen is a vote for redeemable bad boys.


Find out more about Bowen in Risking it All by Tessa Bailey


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