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A-Spy-Unmasked-Cover-Tina-GabrielleThey say write what you know. I write Regency period historicals. Although I love to travel, I can easily say I’ve never been in England in the early 1800’s. My hero in A Spy Unmasked is a spy and expert safecracker whose latest mission is to investigate a series of suspicious deaths of prominent members of the London Inventor’s Society. My lady heroine is an inventor. So how did I did use my background here?

I’m a licensed patent attorney and in my past I worked with some interesting inventions and eccentric inventors. Who knew sex toys could be patented? But working as an attorney at a city firm wasn’t always as fascinating as Law & Order makes it look. Long hours, tedious work, and demanding partners were a daily job hazard. I dealt with the stress by devouring romance novels. It was my escape. I started thinking of writing, and I often spent my lunch hour and commutes jotting down plot ideas. After my first child was born, I took the leap and started writing. It was wonderful. It was freeing and fulfilling. Since then, I published my award-winning Regency Barrister Series for Kensington. Yes, barristers can be sexy in the early 1800’s!

My Entangled Scandalous release, A Spy Unmasked, is right up my alley. My heroine is a feisty lady inventor who’s a woman ahead of her time. Whoohoo! (She’s also a bit like me in that I loved hanging out with my dad and tinkering in the garage.) She is on a mission for justice, and she is just what my James Bondish hero needs.

I hope you enjoy the book!

Tina Gabrielle


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