Lovestruck Blog Takeover, day five with Katee Robert

So, I’ve always wanted to write a book with an animal sidekick, so to speak. For various reasons, it never felt quite right with the characters I had created to date, so when I finally got to put together a matchmaking book, I KNEW my matchmaker was going to buy my poor hero a dog in order to make him more approachable.


Which left the question… What kind of dog?


I could have picked a little rat dog, but my heroine isn’t the type of woman to pick a dog that she could fit into her purse for the alpha male she’s trying to match. None of the normal breeds felt quite right, either. I wanted a dog who was going to reflect my hero’s personality, whether he was willing to admit the similarities or not.


My answer, strangely enough, came from Tumblr. I was cruising down the rabbit hole that my Tumblr dashboard is and, in between Benedict Cumberbatch photos and Hannibal memes, there was the answer.

shutterstock_155000522The name might not sound familiar, but if I saw “mop dog” that about sums up what this breed looks like. They’re huge and white and have dreads that swish when they run. So I’m curious and reading down the posts and there comes a person who went deep into their deep history.


They’re a Hungarian breed. During World War II when Hungary was invaded by Nazi troops, local legend says that the soldiers had to kill the dogs because they wouldn’t stop defending their family and home until they were dead. Horrible? Sure. But that level of stubbornness and willingness to go to insane lengths to protect what they considered theirs?


Totally my hero.


And that’s how it came to be that hero comes home to find my matchmaking heroine has purchased him not one, but FIVE komondors.


What about you? What’s your favorite breed of dog?


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