Red Shoe Diary, by Hope Tarr

For readers familiar with my Suddenly Cinderella Series—three Indulgences and one novella, all themed around a magical pair of vintage Saks Fifth Avenue red velvet heels (my version of glass slippers)—it likely comes asSaks Vintage Velvet Heels in Suddenly Cinderella series no surprise that I’m sort of a fanatic about shoes. From the fictional glass slippers into which Cinderella first slipped her impossibly dainty feet to the chunky tooled leather brown platforms in which I took my first fledgling steps into womanhood, shoes have captured and held my imagination in a major way. So when the opportunity arose to talk shop and shoes here, I leapt at the chance—no small feat when you’re shod in three plus inch heels.


Other than my Nikes and Timberlands, my shoes are, uniformly, of the high heeled persuasion. I semi-jokingly say that my feet are permanently fixed in the Barbie Doll position. It’s not far from the truth. Heels elevate
me, not only my stature but also my spirit. Clicking along the streets in a city virtually defined by its soaring skyline, I feel not only taller but infinitely more powerful. It’s as though I can conquer the world—or, at the very least, a few urban blocks of it.


9 West Red Pumps_TARRShoes are more than a means of accessorizing my outfit. They accessorize my mood. From demure kitten heels to nose bleed stilettos and every shade of um…gray in between, my closet boasts its fair share of footwear, each pair lovingly stored in its designated clear plexiglass Container Store sliding drawer box. Exactly how many pairs do I own? While I decline to share the latest count, I am happy to share one of my beloved standbys.

I bought these red metallic Nine West stiletto pumps six years ago when I first moved to NYC. I often pair them with a Little Black Dress though they also work well with a white linen sheath dress or a great pair of jeans. I’ve had them re-heeled several times—city sidewalks grind down tender heels—but otherwise they are intact and remarkably scuff free. Whenever I wear them, I feel like a cross between Cinderella and Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz—a “girl” for whom the very best of Life’s mysteries are poised to unfold.


For whom fairytale dreams really can—and do—come true.

BIZ_Hope_Main_Head_ShotHope Tarr is the author of twenty-five historical and contemporary romances including Operation Cinderella, the launch to her Suddenly Cinderella Series for Entangled and optioned by Fox for feature film. Hope is also a co-founder and current principal of Lady Jane’s Salon®, New York City’s first and still only monthly romance reading series now in its sixth year with eight satellites nationwide. Visit Hope online at as well as on Twitter (@HopeTarr) and Facebook: and


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