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My Teenage Obsession


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Do you have any obsessions that have stuck with you through the years? All of my best addictions and obsessions began in high school, or even earlier. I started reading romance novels at around thirteen, and have yet to shake that addiction. Fantasy novels started even earlier—elementary school. I clearly remember my first epic fantasy novel (I wouldn’t discover contemporary fantasy or paranormals until high school), a Forgotten Realms book I struggled through in the fifth grade.

But I found my greatest fictional obsession in 1994.

It was opening weekend for a movie called Interview with a Vampire and I was one month shy of being 14 years old. If memory serves, I was in the eighth grade.

I went to the theater with my best friend, Leah, along with her brother and one of his friends. They were all there to see Stargate, a sci-fi adventure movie that I happily saw later on. But that night I was desperate to see vampires, and I did my best to convince my friend to go with me. She was set on Stargate.

So I snuck in alone.

Since it was a rated-R movie, I didn’t have a choice. It was opening weekend and every seat was full. I was deathly afraid that I would be caught when I saw the seats fill up. That there would be one person holding a ticket and no seats left. That they’d demand proof that everyone seated had a right to be there. Ticket to Stargate clutched in my sweaty palm, I was ready to die of embarrassment right then and there.

Thankfully they did no such thing, and no sad person wandered the aisles looking for an open seat, so I didn’t have to suffer guilt either. I watched the movie alone in a theater full of strangers.

And I fell in love.

Not with the actual vampires on the screen (okay, maybe I was a little in love with Antonio Banderas), but with the idea of vampires. The magic and the mystery and the utter drama of an endless life.

I’d never seen anything so cool in all of my almost-fourteen years.

And so I went on to eventually continue my obsession with vampires by writing books about them. And my friend, who refused to see a movie about vampires with me and instead watched a science fiction movie I’m sure she was equally enthralled with, is now a scientist who writes papers that other scientists (I’m guessing Stargate-lovers, the lot of them) get to enjoy.

I guess we both found our passions early on.

Today I’m happy to share a little bit of my lifelong obsession with you. My Sons of Kane vampires are not quite so dark and angsty as the vampires I saw in the theatre years ago, but I think they have their own unique appeal. 😉





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