Behind the Book with Rising Asset’s Rebecca Zanetti

Rising Assets by Rebecca ZanettiBehind the Book with Rising Asset’s Rebecca Zanetti

In between writing dark paranormals and romantic suspense, I wrote a sexy, fun, small town romance featuring a cowboy…and I loved writing it.  There’s nothing like a man in cowboy boots and chaps, and I had a ball exploring the lighter side of romance.

The book was trope driven and different than my other works…and I wasn’t sure how to get it to readers.  It was a category romance, and I wasn’t satisfied with the terms of the one place publishing category romance.  Then I day I was talking to Liz Pelletier, and she mentioned her Brazen line.  I thought…hey.  I have a Brazen.  So my agent sent the manuscript to Liz, and my sexy cowboys found a phenomenal editor and a wonderful home.

For the record, I’m terrible at naming books.  Most of the titles I start with never see the light of day. I think I called this one FAST CAPTURE.

Liz and I both attended the Emerald City Writer’s Conference in Seattle that year, and one day she joined a bunch of my local pals for lunch.  As we were eating, we chatted about the book.  My friend, Augustina Van Hoven, had read the book and joked that she’d been calling it AGAINST THE WALL.  (Because, you know…Jake takes Sophie up against the outside of a house.  Totally normal, right?)

Liz coughed out her iced tea and said that had to be the name of the book.

AGAINST THE WALL?!?  I believe I choked on my iced tea.  And ordered a vodka.  I had visions of book 2 being called OVER THE DESK or UNDER THE HOT BODY.  But…I have to admit, it’s the perfect name.  UNDER THE COVERS became book 2, and RISING ASSETS is book 3.  All fun and sexy names.  I have no clue what to call book 4, if you want the truth.  I’m sure we’ll think of something.

As an author, I really enjoy writing these fun, sexy contemporary stories, and I’m very thankful to Entangled and to Liz for taking a chance on them and on me.  I hope readers enjoy my cowboys as well!


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