March Madness Men of Bliss: Round Two (Day One)

Bliss March Madness

Welcome to Round Two of the March Madness Men of Bliss tournament! Things are going to get heated as these final 16 heroes battle it out to be number one!

Today we have 4 very exciting matches for you! So get that voting finger ready to go if you want to see your man advance!


Match #1:









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Favorite Wes Quotes:


In all fairness, darlin’, I should probably warn you that this ain’t my first rodeo.”


Dani had threatened to kill him. This must be the way she planned to do it. Her dark hair was down around her shoulders and she was wearing earrings that glittered in the sunlight. The purple dress she had on showed off her toned legs and hugged her curves. The supply of oxygen to his brain cut off, and he was pretty sure his heart had stopped a couple of beats ago.”





What Readers are Saying About Wes:


“Wes is…well, he’s pretty freaking dreamy. He had a great personality: funny, smart, and charming; is adventurous, and he cares for and treats Dani so well. It probably doesn’t hurt that his physical description fits Bradley Cooper and I read his lines with that lovely voice in my head. Hubba, hubba.” -Andrea)

“Wes was so fun to read. He is very impulsive and fun. He throws sensibility to the wind. He has big dreams, but he is determined to make them a reality.”- Crystal

 “As for Wes, I loved him. When you first meet him, he seems like a carefree slacker in some ways, but Wes has a big picture plan for his future. The only person who has ever believed in him and his dreams is Dani. As a reader looking in at their relationship, I could see their spark right away.”- Autumn


Tangling With The CEO Annie Seaton


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What Readers are Saying About Blake:


“Then we have Blake, who is oh-so-heavenly and completely irresistible, and I really just wanted to sink my teeth into him and just nibble… Okay, I’m snapping out of it. Anyway, we have Blake, who is handsome and sweet and still adores Ana after she disappeared on him ten years ago without any explanation. He’s by no means perfect, which is why I’m crushing on him. He has selective hearing (which man doesn’t?) and this leads to him jumping to conclusions a heck of a lot, but he is ultimately a good guy, which we see when a family emergency leaves him stuck with five kids under the age of eight, and a dog to take care of. Of course, this happens to happen at the exact time Ana showed up, after not seeing Blake for ten years.”


“I liked how Blake was never too busy to help out his family.”


“I loved Blake. Thoughtful, romantic, witty and completely sexy in a boy next door type-of-way, Blake’s not perfect, isn’t afraid to ask for help, has an annoying habit of hearing what he wants to hear and jumping to conclusions! He is a man, CEO or not, that I would love to get tangled with and I can’t deny that even before the book really got going I was already swooning over him.”


“I admire both characters and their willingness to set aside their differences to help one another. This book just goes to show that love conquers all.”


“You root for Blake and Ana throughout as their relationship is so captivating.”


“And Blake, well his good looks could be enough to make a girl swoon, but it was the care for his family that will truly warm you to him.”


“Blake is a solid, reliable character who compliments Anastasia well.”


“It was interesting to me how Blake even though he was angry at Ana for leaving without a trace years ago still felt something for her when he saw her again. While there was no doubt he was an astute businessman, I love how he was able to work through what he wanted out of life and figured out a way to get everything he needed without destroying other people’s lives.”

“There was no mistaking the absolute chemistry between these two and even when they were up to the ears helping Blake’s sister with her kids, it was still there just simmering. They had a hard time keeping their lips to themselves even when they knew they should. However, what I really loved was watching them work together to make sure five children (one on the Autism spectrum), a dog, two kittens, and a goldfish were all taken care of in their parent’s absence. We saw a very different side of Blake in these moments and I believe he saw exactly why Ana is the person she is.”


“I love Blake’s nephews too and how they brought the other side of Blake which Ana wouldn’t have seen.”


“I liked how Blake was never too busy to help out his family and Ana felt the same way about her elderly neighbors. They both had generous hearts and cared about people.”



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Match #2:







Speaking of Love by Ophelia London

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As a newspaper journalist, Rick can go from rocking a perfectly tailored tuxedo to a pair of faded jeans. He is also known to prowl around mountain cabins shirtless in the middle of the night to protect his lady love from killer squirrels.


Favorite Rick Quotes:




Really?” Rick turned to her again, one eyebrow lifted.  “next time you come over to my house, I’ll play it for you.”  The way he was smiling made Mac’s heart hiccup.  “My floors could use a good deep clean.”


What Readers are Saying About Rick:



“Rick is such a sweet guy but still has that grrr factor. Their chemistry is fantastic, the dialogue isn’t contrived, the events are believable and the pacing was perfect.”- K.M.


“While Rick loves a fancy car and suit, carries himself with much class and is well mannered, he can wear a fine pair of jeans and plaid shirt, drive an old four wheeler, and get dog slobbered with the best of them.”-Rachel T.


 Mini Excerpt (Are things getting a little steamy in here?):

Rick exhaled softly, his fingers tangled in her hair.

When he rolled her over, weighing her down, she completely lost herself.

“Mac,” he whispered over her mouth, his breath was hot and sweet and intoxicating. “Should we go—”


“To my—”


After just one look and the hint of a fiendish grin, Rick rose to one knee and scooped her up.


Her Summer with the Marine by Susan Meier


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Favorite Quotes About Finn:


“her mind strayed back to gloating Finn, whose blue eyes seemed to look right through her clothes. Whose short, spiky hair was always sexily mussed. Whose muscles bulged when he moved his arms. Whose tattoos made her want to rip his clothes off. “


“You look great in that dress, by the way. It makes your butt look very sexy.”

She pivoted to face him. “This is a church!”

He waved his hand in dismissal.“This is a church parking lot.” He smiled. “And you do look pretty.” 


What Ellie Thinks of Finn: (Mini-Excerpt)


He sat forward on the big wicker chair. His short hair stuck up in all the right places, as if he’d combed his fingers through it in frustration, but that only gave it a sexy, bedroom look. He’d ditched his suit in favor of jeans and a gray T-shirt that showed off his broad shoulders and those gloriously sexy tattoos.

Her breath stumbled. Or maybe she sighed with disgust at her own weakness. Sure, he was great-looking. But did her artist’s eye have to notice every detail? Especially after her thoughts while talking to her Tidy Whitiez crew?

“Is that any way to treat a guest?”

The smart move would be to get away from him. Yes, an affair seemed logical, given how attracted she was to him and how much she needed a distraction right now. But there were other issues to consider. Particularly the fact that they were enemies, fighting for the same customers.

“You’re not a guest. You’re the competition. You stole the Wojak funeral.”

“I’d sold her a package months ago.” He glanced at the glob of sticky notes in her hands. “What’s all that?”

“The results of hours of conversation.”


“Staffers for my adult diapers campaign.”

“You’re trying to get adult diapers elected to public office?”

Damn it. It the struggle of a lifetime not to laugh. And maybe that was the biggest temptation of all. He didn’t just turn her on. He made her laugh.


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Match #3:







Three River Ranch by Roxanne Snopek


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About Carson:


Carson’s an old-fashioned gentleman inside a tough, modern-day cowboy. He’s also a scientist, working to preserve the ancient genes of the wild mustangs that roam his family’s ranch. He thinks Rory’s Labradoodle is a ridiculous dog – until he sees her in action!

He likes good food, real food, and because his work is physical, he can eat whatever he likes and stay lean and muscled. He forgets to get his hair cut so it’s usually a little long. But who cares, when it’s under his hat half the time anyway!

Carson’s an alpha hero but he knows how to apologize. He’s willing to admit when he’s wrong.

A woman can do a lot with such a man.




Below is a little snippet of Three River Ranch, from the beginning of Chapter Three, just after Carson tells Rory that the horse she’s just patted has never allowed anyone else to touch her. I’ve included a photo of Carson concerned but reassuring.


A wild horse.

Her knees buckled.

“Whoa!” Carson grabbed her just before the ground rushed upward. “Time for you to sit down.”

He guided her to the cab of his truck, pushed her onto the seat.

She resisted, then thought of the baby. It was hard on her pride to accept help of any kind, hard to remember it wasn’t just her anymore. She felt a reassuring kick.

“I’m fine. I am.”

“Hardly.” Carson took her chin in his hand and looked closely at her. He smelled green, like fresh-cut grass on a warm summer day. His fingers were surprisingly gentle. “How many of me do you see?”

“One.” She blinked. “How many of you are there?”

He smiled. “Close your eyes.”

She obeyed.

“Any spinning?”

She frowned. “Nope.”

“Okay then.”


And this is what Carson would look like if he was a surfer dude. Or if we were LOST on an imaginary island together. Not cowboy-ish at all, right? AND WHO CARES?




And because EVERYTHING sounds better in French…..


French version maybe


The French cover of THREE RIVER RANCH!





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Favorite Chad Quotes:


His pride was tempted to prove her wrong but that would be like poking a mama bear in the butt.”


“You’ll never hear a cautious person say they had their purse taken by an alligator.” 


Sonya: “At least you’re never bored when you’re with me.”

Chad: “Hard to be bored when you’re busy praying to stay alive.”


Here’s a peek at Chad’s rules to surviving being married to his sexy best friend, Amelia…


Rule #1: No kissing

Rule #2: No touching

Rule #3: Get a straightjacket to follow rules 1 & 2

Rule #4: Don’t look


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Match #4:








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About Jason:


Jason Landry…Fire captain, ninjitsu instructor, widowed father, fierce protector of women. Hobbies include cooking with his hyperactive preteen daughter, wondering what the hell a loofa is used for, and fantasizing about his completely off limits best friend’s little sister.


Team Jason






Amazon | B&N


About Shane:


Shane is a project manager for a highly regarded architectural firm. He’s his small town’s biggest flirt and attracts quite a bit of attention wherever he goes. But once he agrees to be Kagan’s pretend boyfriend, he only has eyes for her and what started as something temporary turns into something that catches him completely off guard. Good thing he’s not afraid to go after what he wants.


Short Excerpt:


“Scared?” Shane challenged. He couldn’t help himself.


“Of you? No.” Yet Kagan avoided eye contact, her gaze falling to the ceramic tiled ground.


“I am.”


Under outrageously long eyelashes, she peeked at him.


“Just looking at you sets off alarms.” He flexed his hands and shifted his weight from side to side. If he’d worn a tie, he’d be loosening it.


“I’m allergic.” She lifted her chin and the faintest twitch of her lips drew his attention to their lush form.


“To me?”


A wide, smart-alecky smile spread across her beautiful face. “To oysters. But give it some time and I could be allergic to you too.”

Shane grabbed her around the waist and she fell against him without argument. “You think that’s cute, don’t you?” He positioned her against the counter and trapped her between his arms.


“I think puppies are cute.” Her gaze flicked to his mouth.


Did she want him to kiss her? He got the vibe she did. And he wanted to kiss her, really kiss her this time. Cup the back of her head. Touch lips. Slowly bring her closer until she responded and pressed against him. Nibble, tease, take pleasure from soft caresses before he coaxed her lips apart and fed from the sweetness of her mouth.

“Umm…” Her brain cells had taken a vacation.


“You are damn cute when you’re flustered, Jelly Belly.”


She twisted out of Shane’s arms. “You’re infuriating.”


“And good-looking.”




“Hot.” He smirked.


Oh my God. How was it he could be so full of himself and humble at the same time? His teasing voice wiped out any ego.


“The surprise?” she asked, hands on her hips.


“Pack a bag. We’re going camping.”



Favorite Shane Quotes:


“You interested in behaving badly?”


“Best way to attack this? Just go for it.”


“Everything about you bothers me, sweetheart.”


“Don’t stop now, Jelly Belly. This is just getting good.”


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Polls will be open for 48 hours and you can vote once a day! We’ll see you back here on Thursday for our final 4 matches of Round Two!

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