Behold the Zombie Swag! Friends, Dreams and Zombie Air-fresheners, by Alison Kemper

Zombie giftsFriends, Dreams and Zombie Air-fresheners—Alison Kemper

It’s good to keep the same best friends for most of your life. You get used to each other’s weirdness.

When I said I was writing a zombie romance novel, my friends didn’t miss a beat. Well, they might’ve blinked a few times and said, “Really, Al? REALLY?” but they recovered pretty quickly. Then they asked to read chapters and helped me decide what the cute boys should look like.

And they started sending zombie presents.

I didn’t realize the amount of zombie merchandise available in the retail world. Coffee mugs and t-shirts and bookmarks—all decorated with rotting humans. Part of me wished my friends would go back to sending Starbucks gift cards.

But I think I was missing the point. Sure, I’ll never use all this zombie swag, and they know that. All these crazy, campy presents show my friends’ support for me and my writing dream. And until the last book in this series is written and published, I figure I’ll be the proud owner of all the latest in zombie products. And really, that’s not a bad thing. Already, I have zombie socks to wear on release day and action figures to set scenes. I have zombie air fresheners and zombie garden statues and zombie dolls.

But mostly, what I have is super-supportive friends. And that’s the best gift of all.

DONNA OF THE DEAD 500X750I’m afraid to open this. What does a zombie air freshener smell like? Rotted flesh?

Please get this zombie off my rug. (After this garden statue sat outside a few months, the paint on his hands started to peel off. Also, his eyeballs are loose enough for rainwater to get inside—I had to wipe mold off his eyeballs a few times. Totally adds to the whole decomposing look.)

I’ve used these to set scenes before. You might find these exact zombies described in a certain scene in book 3.

My dog got a hold of this zombie doll. And promptly tried to tear its head off. Which means, if there’s ever a real zombie apocalypse, I’m absolutely bringing my dog with me.

~Alison Kemper


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  • 😀 That’s awesome Alison! I have had the same issue with frogs since I was about 12 when people started realizing I collected things with frogs on them. They’re in every room in my house… even the laundry room. lol I finally had to say enough! I love them but you can only have so much before it goes bananas.

    Loved DOTD, I have to giggle because I know I’ve sold at least 3 copies through my blog in the past week. Here’s hoping my readers love it as much as I did. 🙂

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