A Birthday Everyone Can Celebrate!

Three years ago, self-publishing was just getting started, New York was acquiring fewer and fewer authors, and the entire industry seemed to be in an uproar. There was more antagonism and jealousy and acrimony between the two camps than a holiday dinner at the Kardashians. But I felt then, as I still do now, that 1) not all things New York are necessarily bad (browsing for a new book to read in an honest to goodness bookstore is pretty awesome), and 2) self-pubbing is not a solution to what ails traditional publishing as much as a new business model that would spawn its own set of problems.

With this in mind, a small team of intrepid industry professionals launched Entangled, creating what we hoped would be a third option: a publishing house offering the higher royalties and more involvement in business decisions of self-publishing with the organized team of professionals and possibility of bookstore shelving of New York. We were quite successful, with more than 16 titles hitting the USA Today list, 9 on the NYT list, and dozens of authors able to quit their day jobs and write full-time (the last being my real measure of success). Our only guiding principle was to put both our authors and our readers first, by selling only the very best books at affordable prices.

entangledlogoHUGENext month marks our third year anniversary, and we couldn’t be more thrilled. A lot has changed over the last few years, but our guiding principles are still as strong as ever. But a publishing company must always keep one ear to the ground and listen to its authors, embrace the possibilities in every new opportunity, and above all, be willing to tailor its business to meet the demands of its readers. We’ve done this over and over the last three years, and we’re happy to announce we’re about to do it again.

Entangled recognizes that the publishing industry is still changing. Authors want even more control of their brands, weekly sales information, and more frequent royalty payments. In addition, authors want more marketing opportunities, pricing options, and more flexible release schedules. Readers want access to more and more quality books at competitive prices, as well as opportunities to buy special packages for their most favorite authors and series. Readers also want easier methods of discovering authors and titles in this new, over-abundant market.

So Entangled would like to celebrate our birthday by thanking our loyal authors and readers and giving everyone what they want this year…


More Branding Options for Authors
Entangled now offers its authors an Author Portal, which allows each author to login and control their new, branded webpage within our website. Authors can upload personalized banner images—even change them frequently for contests, etc, modify biography information as well as social media connections so readers have more opportunities to connect with them.

Weekly Sales Data for Authors
Using the new Author Portal, authors can log in and view their sales data week-by-week, displayed for each title in a graph so he or she can easily identify when different marketing endeavors or other releases move the needle in their sales. This information will help authors be better business partners as we all more frequently monitor and assess what is working versus what’s not.

Monthly Royalties for Authors
Last summer, we announced we would be moving to a monthly payment structure for our authors in the new year, and our first monthly royalty payments are releasing on January 31st!  In addition, all royalty statements are now available through the new Author Portal, so authors can revisit any statement from one central location.

Easy Access to Industry Experts for Our Authors
Entangled has assembled an amazing team of experts to assist our authors on an as-needed basis. Through the new Author Portal, authors can log in to the new specialist booking system and reserve an appointment that suits their needs and busy schedules. We have experts who will assist our authors attending conferences and setting up media events, reaching library markets, overall branding strategies, leveraging social media, garnering wider acclaimed reviews, and running effective contests. Planning to attend a conference? Schedule an appointment with the Event Specialist who will coordinate your book signing and discuss strategies for an effective appearance. Not sure your website works for your brand? Schedule an appointment with our Branding Specialist who will discuss your books and how to translate that brand across all of your marketing opportunities, whether through your website color choices or social media presence. And speaking of social media… Do you wish you were better at reaching new readers through Twitter or Facebook? Schedule an appointment with a Social Media Specialist who will look through your recent posts and offer tips and tricks for better utilizing this tool. Each of these experts will share all discussion information with your publicist through our internal project software, so don’t worry about keeping your team involved—we’ve got you covered!

More Frequent Release Dates for Readers and Authors
While all of our authors have structured release schedules, for those who are willing and able to complete revisions on upcoming books early, they are now able to be easily slotted into the next available release date (typically 28 days after completion). Entangled will now be releasing new titles every Monday for readers to choose from, too! Entangled will still adhere to its high quality requirements, which has resulted in more than one book having its release date delayed in the past, but now release dates are scheduled far in advance to give everyone the time to make sure each book is the best every reader deserves. And should a book be finished early, readers can be rewarded with an even earlier release from one of our amazing authors.

Frontlist Titles for Only $0.99
Our readers want to read more books than ever! So in February, Entangled will be shifting to an even more competitive pricing strategy by offering our frontlist titles from our recognizable, high-quality brands at an introductory price of only $0.99! This price will remain in effect for at least the first two weeks of release to give readers enough time to discover these great new titles at the discounted rate. With 35 to 50 high-quality titles from well-established brands releasing each month, we’re sure to have more than a few amazing titles to satisfy any reader.

Special Edition Print Releases
We’ve been planning this since last November, and I’m happy to say we now have the option to offer uber fans of a particular author or series special print editions for all of our digital-first releases. Each print edition will include extra scenes, special content, and additional features. Some books will also feature special hardback covers, special cover treatments, and limited edition signed copies to further serve these avid readers. And that’s not all! Our regularly distributed print books will also be getting an upgrade with new features and cover treatments, too.

New Website With Easier Navigation
We’ve kept the website design our readers have loved and given the inside a massive upgrade, with easier to navigate menu options, sale price features, and new authors pages. Fell in love with one of our authors? Now you can easily find all of their backlist titles in one location as well as their social media links so you can reach out to your favorite authors. Our authors love discovering new readers, so don’t be too shy to send them a message!

“Steals & Deals” and Hot New Release Newsletters
Want to find out about all of Entangled’s new $0.99 releases this Monday or a discounted print edition from your favorite author? Simply subscribe to our new “Steals and Deals” newsletter and you’ll receive an email every week with the latest deals from your favorite publisher! Want to keep up on our latest new releases and special edition offers? Subscribe to our Hot New Release newsletter, too! For this week’s sales, check here!


All of these exciting new opportunities are just our way of saying thank you to our authors and readers for three wonderful years. Here’s to many more with even greater success!

Thank you, all!

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