Entangled Teen Presents The 12 Days of Kick-ass Christmas!




Happy Holidays Everyone!


Join us in celebrating Entangled Teen’s 12 Days of Kick-ass Christmas Event!  This event is going to be a blast!


Our authors are joining together to share some exclusive content with you all!  There will be 2 teams: The Smart-Ass Team will post a good or swoon-worthy deleted scene or an excerpt and The Bad-Ass Team will post a villainous deleted scene or excerpt.
And the coolest part about this celebration of all things “Kick-Ass” is that the authors will be posting on each other’s blogs!  The party starts on December 2nd and goes all the way to December 13th! We will wrap up the event with our monthly Twitter party on December 13th at 9 PM EST/6 PM PST.


Each day of the Kick-Ass event will feature 2 posts from our amazing Entangled Teen Authors, along with an EPIC giveaway!


So, “How do I join in?” you ask?It’s easy!  Just follow along with the tour and find the hidden word (it will be highlighted) in each post, and then fill out the Rafflecopter form.


What can I win?” you ask.


So many things.  You can win one of 2 Kindles (each valued at $69, US Only).  We’re also giving away 5 sets of 5 Entangled Teen Print Books (US Only), and 10 Entangled Teen eBooks (International)!  As if that isn’t enough, we will be giving away more books, as well as Amazon and Barnes & Noble Gift Cards during the Twitter party! That means 2 people will win a kindle, 5 people will win 5 sets of our amazing print titles, and 10 people will win eBooks, and much more!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Let’s introduce you to the teams!
Team Smart-Ass
Kendra Highley
Rachel Harris
Karri Thompson (will be hijacking Two Chicks on Books for her post)
Danielle Ellison
Jolene Perry
Lea Nolan
Kelley York
Tiffany Truitt
Rebekah Purdy
Shea Berkley (will be hijacking Two Chicks on Books for her post)
Renee Collins
Tracy Clark
Team Bad-Ass
Christine Bell
Vivi Barnes
Princess Sophie (will be hijacking Two Chicks on Books for her post)
Cecily White
Victoria Scott
Sally Rigby aka Sara Hantz
Melissa West
Cindi Madsen
Lisa Burstein
Jus Accardo
Chloe Jacobs
Brooklyn Skye
And here’s the post schedule!
12/2/2013            Kendra Highley will host Rachel Harris with a Smart-Ass post.
12/2/2013            Rachel Harris will host Kendra Highley with a Smart-Ass post.
12/3/2013            Christine O’Neil will host Vivi Barnes with a Bad-Ass post.
12/3/2013            Vivi Barnes will host Christine O’Neil with a Bad-Ass post.
12/4/2013            Karri Thompson will host Danielle Ellison with a Smart-Ass post.
12/4/2013            Danielle Ellison  will host Karri Thompson with a Smart-Ass post.
12/5/2013            Princess Sophie will host Cecily White with a Bad-Ass post.
12/5/2013            Cecily White will host Princess Sophie with a Bad-Ass post.
12/6/2013            Jolene Perry will host Lea Nolan with a Smart-Ass post.
12/6/2013            Lea Nolan will host Jolene Perry with a Smart-Ass post.
12/7/2013            Victoria Scott will host Sara Hantz with a Bad-Ass post.
12/7/2013            Sara Hantz will host Victoria Scott with a Bad-Ass post.
12/8/2013            Kelley York will host Tiffany Truitt with a Smart-Ass post.
12/8/2013            Tiffany Truitt will host Kelley York with a Smart-Ass post.
12/9/2013            Melissa West will host Cindi Madsen with a Bad-Ass post.
12/9/2013            Cindi Madsen will host Melissa West with a Bad-Ass post.
12/10/2013         Rebekah Purdy will host Shea Berkley with a Smart-Ass post.
12/10/2013         Shea Berkley will host Rebekah Purdy with a Smart-Ass post.
12/11/2013         Lisa Burstein  will host Jus Accardo with a Bad-Ass post.
12/11/2013         Jus Accardo will host Lisa Burstein with a Bad-Ass post.
12/12/2013         Renee Collins will host Tracy Clark with a Smart-Ass post.
12/12/2013         Tracy Clark will host Renee Collins with a Smart-Ass post.
12/13/2013         Chloe Jacobs will host Brooklyn Skye with a Bad-Ass post.
12/13/2013         Brooklyn Skye will host Chloe Jacobs with a Bad-Ass post.
We’re super excited to share all of these awesome posts with you and make sure to follow along on twitter and Facebook using the hashtag #12DaysOfKickass!

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