Bliss Kiss and Tell With Shane From Her Accidental Boyfriend

Bliss Kiss and Tell

Welcome to the Bliss Kiss and Tell Booth where you will get to meet the heroes from our Bliss books and get a taste of what kissing them may be like.

We are pleased to have Shane Sullivan from Robin Bielman’s Her Accidental Boyfriend with us today!

Her Accidental Boyfriend by Robin Bielman

Name: Shane Sullivan

Height: 6′ 1″ and all lean muscle

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Blue-gray eyes perfect for flirting with

Hometown: small seaside town of Cascade, Oregon

Favorite dessert/food: a Blondie–named Kagan

Ideal vacation:  with Kagan on a beach somewhere with warm waters, good food and maybe an adventure or two during the day, and candlelit dinners back in our hotel room at night.

Boxers or briefs: Boxers

Fruit Loops or Lucky Charms (or both)?: Lucky charms because I’m all over marshmallows.

Favorite movie of all time: I love James Bond movies and my favorite would be Quantum Solace.

If you had to describe yourself as an ice cream flavor, what flavor would you be?: S’more Jelly Belly 😉

Thanks so much Shane for joining us.  And now for some added excitement check out this kissing scene between Shane and Kagan.

She gripped his hand and yanked him back down. He straddled her hips, bracing his hands in the sand on either side of her head as she wrapped her arms around his neck and brought him closer. “I’ve got a better idea,” she murmured.


 “Kagan,” he warned. What little self-control he had left was about to snap.


Moving both hands to his face now, she cradled his cheeks with more tenderness than he deserved. Girls looked at him all the time. But not like this. Not like she saw him as human, faults and all, and still liked him. Most women didn’t see much beyond the exterior. They wanted the spot next to him for bragging rights more than anything else. But Kagan pulled his legs out from under him and all the confidence and swagger he used to keep his heart safe was replaced by fear and humility.


“Shane,” she cooed back.


Then she kissed him.


And he was lost.


Lips sweeter than anything he’d ever tasted. Delicate but unyielding. Also trouble with a capital T.

He felt the kiss everywhere in the most hellish good way imaginable. He kissed her back, the thrill of connecting like this rousing his greed. He’d been aching for this moment since the second he’d met her and the fact that she took the initiative set his blood on fire.


The kiss started like they had all the time in the world. Slow. Sensual. Sincere. When he couldn’t take it anymore, he teased her lips open with his tongue. She let out a moan and allowed him inside.


The sexy sound, her surrender, took his pleasure and magnified it times a thousand. Better than his daydreams, better than his fantasies.

 And I’m sure you are curious how author, Robin Bielman, pictures Shane….

Kiss and Tell Shane Sullivan

Talk about sexy!

About Her Accidental Boyfriend

Faking it with this flirt neverfelt so real…

Kagan Owens has a secret. One she thought she’d escaped by leaving New York, but when her past follows her to her temporary new life, Kagan lets a teeny lie slip. And now the town’s biggest playboy and flirt, Shane Sullivan, has become her pretend boyfriend–just until she’s ready to return to NYC. But the handsome, fun-loving Shane makes it tough to determine where their friendly agreement begins and ends…

Shane has no intention of settling down–in fact, his job depends on it, and nothing’s more important than his work. Still, he can’t help but agree to Kagan’s scheme, if only to find out more about the mysterious beauty. But when every touch from her sets his heart and body on fire, he realizes playing an accidental boyfriend may be more than he bargained for–and more than he can give.


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