1Q Wednesday with Flirt and Ever After Editorial Director Kerri-Leigh Grady

Sep 4, 2013 by

Get up close and personal with Entangled!  How?  By visiting us every week for 1 Q Wednesday.  1 Question.  1 Answer.  Every Wednesday.  Today, we get to hear how KL Grady, guru Ed Dir of Flirts and Ever Afters, manages to stay balanced.




Q: How do you balance family life with the crazy business of publishing?


A: What I like to call “go pick a dinner out of the freezer” and “if you give me three hours to work, I pinky swear I’ll go buy some new underwear tomorrow.” Recently, when I complained that summer was ending and cool weather was coming, my elder sprog informed me, “That’s because you didn’t get off the computer all summer, so you missed the whole thing.”

Ain’t that the truth, kid! Ha!

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  1. LoL! I can’t get mine to leave me alone long enough to seriously try to work while they’re around. At least the two younger ones. I’m jealous.

    Keep up the awesome work, Kerri-Leigh!

  2. Ha! Just wait til those kids get older and wiser!!! I always thought I’d have much more time to write when the kids were in their teens and then into college. Not sure what happened, but unfortunately I don’t have more time…

  3. KL, I wrote “gardening” on my calendar, so I’d be sure not to miss summer entirely! (I dearly love checking things off my to-do list!)

  4. HA! What a smarty pants sprog! 🙂 If you’re like me, it’s totally true. I don’t think I hit the pool a single time this summer. 🙁 Booo!



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