Entangled is taking Pitches in Anaheim!

NOTE: If you’re pitching to an Entangled editor, please meet in the lobby seating area of The Courtyard at Marriott next to the RWA Convention Marriott!


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That’s right.  We’re coming to Anaheim and RWA Nationals.

If you want to pitch your manuscript to an Entangled editor, this is the perfect opportunity.



We’re at Nationals, however since RWA prevents publishers less than two years old to take pitches on site, we’ll be holding pitch appointments offsite, as well as an informal Q&A with the publisher.

Be sure to join us for a special panel on Friday, July 27th at 3:00 PM. Liz Pelletier will be sharing the latest Entangled news and sharing information about our established, new, and upcoming imprints as well as answering questions in a round table discussion.



Since we’re a bit too young to be an official guest at RWA, we’ve decided to buck the system and do things our own way.  That’s our MO, so you should expect nothing less from us.  Entangled.  We make our own opportunities.

Entangled editors are setting up shop in the lobby seating area of The Courtyard at Marriott next to the RWA Convention Marriott.  If you’d like to reserve a spot to pitch, please leave a comment here and we’ll add you to our schedule!  It’s as easy as that.




Friday 10-12 noon: Liz Pelletier

Friday 10-12 noon: Nina Bruhns, Dead Sexy

Friday at 3:00, join Liz Pelletier, publisher of Entangled, for a special round table discussion about the company and its lines.

Friday 4-5: Liz Pelletier

Saturday, 10-12 noon: Rochelle French, Dead Sexy & Entangled Select

Saturday, 2-3: Nina Bruhns, Dead Sexy


Pitch Appointment Schedule:

Friday, 10 -12, with Liz Pelletier

10:00 –  Alice Fairbanks Burton

10:10 – Peter Andrews

10:20 – Abbi Wilder

10:30 – Toni Kenyon

10:40 – Hattie Ratliff

10:50 – Jane Emaus

11:00 – Laurel Wanrow

11:10 – Sarah Shade

11:20 – Kat Latham

11:30 – Nicole Flockton

11:40 – Brenna Aubrey



Friday, 4 – 5, with Liz Pelletier

4:00 – Deborah Graham

4:10 – Victoria Pinder

4:20 – Alison Diem

4:30 – Laura Thomson

4:40 – Jennyfer Browne

4:50 – Pattie Shenberger


Saturday, 10 – 12, with Rochelle French

10:00 – Christine Ashworth

11:20  Tiffany Grinstead  (confirmed) 

11:00 – Laura

11:30 – Michele Matthews

 12:00 – Brenna Aubrey


Saturday, 2 -3, with Nina Bruhns

2:00 – Bernice Greenham


**If you do not see your name listed above or if you need to cancel, please email Melinda AT entangledpublishing.com


Leave a comment in the comments section here requesting a time and editor, including your name and email address.  We’ll fill the 10 minute pitch time slots on a first come, first serve basis and will confirm your appointment with an email.



The lobby seating area of The Courtyard at Marriott next to the RWA Convention Marriott


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42 Replies on Entangled is taking Pitches in Anaheim!

  • I am so excited to see Entangled is coming to Anaheim. Please sign me up for an appointment on Friday with Liz Pelletier. I prefer 4-5 but 10-12 is also fine. I am interested in Entangled Teen, upper and lower YA.

  • I have the ms ready and already up on Kindle for Protective Craft. Unfortunately I’m in England and can’t visit in Anaheim. can we sort something via Internet?

  • I would love to get an appointment with Liz Pelletier either int he Friday 4-5 slot, or on Saturday, in the 2-3 slot.

    Thank you kindly for the opportunity. 🙂

  • I would like to meet Liz Pelletier at either Friday 4-5 or Saturday 2-3. Thank you for the opportunity!

  • I would love to have an appointment with Liz Pelletier for the Friday afternoon slot or the Saturday afternoon slot. Thank you so much for making the opportunities available!
    What a fantastic idea!

  • What a great opportunity, I love the way you think outside the square. I’d like to pitch to Liz on Friday. Any time is suitable.
    My email is toni at tonikenyon dot com.
    Looking forward to meeting you.

  • What a wonderful opportunity. I have been following your progress and am very excited. I would love to have the chance to pitch to Liz Saturday between 2 and 3 . Anytime will work. Thank you for your time and consideration.

    Hattie Ratliff

  • I’m not pitching nor am I looking for a publisher, but I’m staying at the Cortona too, so if Liz, Rochelle or Nina see me in the bar (or anywhere else), hit me up for a drink. Just because I love what you do! 🙂

  • I would like an appointment with Liz Pelletier either Friday morning after 11 (11-12 slot) or Saturday 2-3. Thank you do much for being available at the conference.

  • I have already submitted to Entangled and received a note that it has been received. I sent the query to Stacy Abrams as she appeared to be the most suitable for my manuscript, but I would love to meet Liz Pelletier. Am I right in assuming that the panel meeting will be at the Cortona? Could you let me know the suite number as I would like to attend that meeting.

  • I would be delighted to meet w/ Liz Pelletier on Friday in the 4-5p.m. slot if possible. So looking forward to attending your panel discussion also!

    Thank you!
    Sun Chara

  • As president of my chapter, I’m attending all the spotlights. Of course, they all fall on the times you’ve got available.
    Is there any other way to pitch to you during Nationals?

    Patricia W. Fischer

  • I was hoping you guys would be taking pitches! Thanks for organizing this.

    My first choice would be to pitch to Liz on Saturday 2-3, but if that’s booked then I can do Friday 10-12.

    Thanks so much!

    Kat Latham

  • I would love a time with Liz on Friday 10-12 or Saturday 2-3 (if not possible, I’ll take any other time) I am pitching a YA Urban Fantasy. And so looking forward to attending your panel on Friday, too!

    Thank you so much!

    Morgan Blackstone

  • Hi everyone!

    We are closing off the pitch requests for Liz only. There was a typo on the blog and she will NOT be taking appts. on Sat. However, if you do not receive an appt. with her and you are pitching a romantic suspense or adult single title, please consider signing back up for Nina Bruhns or Rochelle French.

    There will be a pitch appt. schedule listed above in the blog post and those who provided their email addresses in the body of their comment will receive an email confirmation.

    Even if you don’t have a pitch slot, stop by and say hello at The Courtyard at Marriot at 3 p.m. on Friday.



  • I’ve tried to email everyone that I could find an email addy for, if for any reason you didn’t get an email and you need to contact me, please email Melinda AT EntangledPublishing.com



  • I would love to meet with Liz, Nina or Rochelle at 11:30am on Saturday!! Please let me know if you still have something available.
    Thanks so much,
    Michele Mathews

    • Hi Michele,

      I’ll try to get you an email also, but I’ll schedule you for 11:30 with Nina Bruhns on Saturday.


  • At Anaheim and would love to pitch a story. I currently have a story submitted with Dead Sexy. Many thanks, Bernice Greenham (Lexi Greene)

    • Hi Bernice,

      How would this morning with Nina Bruhns work? She’ll be there at 10 a.m.


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