#Hero Wars: Owen Winters

It’s time for #HeroWars again!

Today we have  Owen Winters for your Hero Pleasure.


Name: Owen [Eoghan] Winters

Build: mountainous shoulders and ablicious
Height: 6’3”
Weight: 220 lbs

Hair: Black, longish in front

Eyes: one brown, one navy
Strengths: can command winter weather, the wind, the clouds, change the physical composition of snow/ice/rain, can shift forms between human and elemental
Weaknesses: vulnerable to heat
Leading Lady: Megan Snow
Favorites: ice cream, Lucky Charms, cold temperatures, Megan’s smile
Occupation: snow god, successor to the Supreme God of the North Wind and Winter


Owen says, “Can we have ice cream for breakfast?”

Follow the Anemoi down a darker path… West of Want coming Spring 2012, South of Surrender coming Summer 2012, and East of Ecstasy coming Winter 2012!

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