Prom dresses from hell: You vote!

As many of you have heard, our upcoming YA contemporary PRETTY AMY starts on a prom night gone horribly—and hilariously—wrong. Everyone has had their own prom experiences, some amazing, some appalling, but all worthy of a good listen. With that in mind, author Lisa Burstein and editor Stacy Cantor Abrams will be scouring the Romantic Times convention in Chicago in April, looking for lucky folks willing to talk about their prom and high school dance experiences for a video interview. This would probably be entertaining enough, but leave it to Entangled to take it up a notch. Both Lisa and Stacy will be doing the interviews in one of the “stunning” prom dresses below. 

We say “stunning” dresses, but not the most “good looking,” of course. In high school, we thought the dresses with the tulle, the lace, the satin sashes were the best dresses out there. Of course, like Amy in the novel, what we thought was best for ourselves in high school is often not what we come to find is best with a little, shall we say, distance? That tulle, that lace, that satin dress we thought we loved turned out to be downright hideous…but yet so many memories happened in those dresses. Now Lisa and Stacy are making memories again, but in these “new” prom dresses. Which ones would you like to see them in? Keep in mind we can’t have them wear both. Go with your gut. They’re obligated to wear whichever one you, the voters, pick!









Make sure to vote often and leave comments. The polls close a week from today on April 4, 2012 at noon.




But wait, that’s not all. In honor of PRETTY AMY’s release, Kay Unger/Phoebe Couture has agreed to give away two beautiful size 8 prom dresses! (And we mean it, these are actually beautiful.) If you haven’t seen Phoebe Couture dresses before, check them out by clicking on the link, and get ready to start drooling! 




The contest to win a Kay Unger/Phoebe Couture will run through to PRETTY AMY’s release on May 15–we will have more details on that soon.

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