How Entangled Took on Foreign Rights…and Won

Entangled Publishing launched in August with ten amazing titles. September rolled around and we released five more scintillating books. Our lineup continues with new simultaneous print and ebook releases each month. What more could we want?

To raise the bar. To take each and every book as far as possible, to as many readers as possible, and to great heights, both in the English speaking world and beyond.

To that end, we developed a sub-rights department. Our Foreign Rights Director, Rebecca Mancini (a twenty year veteren in the publishing industry formerly with Bloomsbury USA and Houghton Mifflin), represents Entangled’s entire catalog. She’ll be heading to Frankfurt in October for the Frankfurt Book Fair to share our catalog.

But we didn’t want to wait for Frankfurt, and Rebecca didn’t either. The result?

We’re thrilled to announce that we’ve officially sold the foreign translation rights for eight of our titles!

Turkish publisher, Kavanoz Yayinevi, has bought the rights for the following books:

These are just the first in an anticipated boon of upcoming deals. Publisher Liz Pelletier says, “We believe in our authors and our books; these early sales are an indication of great things to come.”

They sure are, and we couldn’t be more proud of our books and authors!


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