EXCLUSIVE EXCERPT: A Lady’s Rules For Ruin

From USA Today Bestselling author Jennifer Haymore comes the next installment in The Lions and Lilies series! Releasing on November 28, 2023, this book is currently available to pre-order. Find out where to pre-order here.


Frances could not stop staring at the Earl of Winthrop’s lips. Those appealing lips she’d dreamed about so many times since she’d left London.

She was smitten. She knew this before she left town, but she’d been fighting it then. And now, watching him rowing, his arms and chest flexing under the fabric of his coat, she didn’t want to fight it anymore.

She’d never been smitten before. The sensation was altogether new. And rather exciting, now that she wasn’t rejecting it anymore.

And miraculously, he was here. Sitting across from her on a boat on Lake Windermere, her lake.

“I’m glad you’re here,” she said. A warm flush broke out on her chest as he gazed at her with those steady amber eyes.

The oars stilled, skimming the surface of the water.


No one had ever said her name like that before. With a low, sensual growl that whispered across her skin and left gooseflesh in its wake.


He pulled one oar into the boat, then the other. He removed his hat and leaned forward on the seat facing her, his fingertips lightly touching her knee. She stared at his long fingers, felt the heat of them through the layers of her skirts.

He scooted closer to the edge of his seat, and so did she, moving until their knees bumped. Keeping one hand on her leg, he touched her cheek gently with the other, stroking downward until his fingers moved under her chin. With a firm tug, he loosened the bow of her bonnet and then removed it from her head and set it beside her.

Exposing her to the scorching sun. Peggy would have the vapors.

“I cannot stop thinking about kissing you,” he murmured.

All thoughts of Peggy vanished.

She licked her lips automatically. “I can’t either.”

A smile flickered across his face. “Ah. You threatened me last we met that I might never have the pleasure of another of your kisses. I’m starting to hope you might have changed your mind.”

She laughed gruffly. “I think I changed my mind the moment after I said it.”

His smile widened, and he squeezed her knee.

And then he was kissing her.




A woman stages her own ruination, only to find herself at odds with a charming marquess in need of a wife in USA Today bestselling author Jennifer Haymore’s charming new regency romance.


Each book in The Lion and Lillies  series is a STANDALONE:
* The Duke’s Rules Of Engagement
* A Lady’s Rules for Ruin







USA Today bestselling author Jennifer Haymore is the author of over a dozen award-winning historical romances. When she’s not dreaming up scandal in Regency England, you’ll likely find her avidly listening to an audiobook while sailing, walking her spoiled husky, or on an airplane heading off to visit the exciting locale of her next novel. Jennifer loves reading romance and writing happily ever afters, and she’s grateful to all her readers for giving her an opportunity to share her stories with the world.


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