Like so many writers, I can’t work without music—and like so many writers, I very quickly come to associate certain songs with certain characters, ships, and settings. So, without further ado, here are four playlists I’ve crafted for when you want to get into my debut fantasy romance, HEARTS FORGED IN DRAGON FIRE!

Our first playlist is for our heroine and narrator, Lotte Meer! Lotte is sweet, earnest, and a little naïve—in over her head but trying her best, even though the world doesn’t seem to want to reward her for it.

Next up is our love interest, Maryse Basvaan! Maryse is snarky, sly, and nothing but trouble; a rebel to win any girl’s heart. But even she has her soft side.

Now let’s enjoy thirty songs I chose to reflect different aspects of Lotte and Maryse’s love story. The good, the bad, and the anguished—it’s all here.

Finally, an instrumental playlist! I nearly always listen to instrumental pieces while I work. Here are thirty tracks that reflect the story’s setting; the big, bustling, dangerous city of Morwassen’s Pass, where a dragon has taken over.

Happy listening, and happier reading!

She can talk to dragons, but she can’t save you from them…in this sensational new fantasy.

Hearts Forged in Dragon Fire is now available to order!

About the author

Erica Hollis (she/her) writes about queer girls and magic, and getting to do that for an actual job is still unreal to her. HEARTS FORGED IN DRAGON FIRE, her debut F/F fantasy romance, is available in June 2023 with Entangled. Erica’s other passions include cats, book shopping, anime, fairy tales, and being extremely bad at video games but playing them anyway. Feel free to chat with her via her official twitter @EHollisAuthor!

You can follow Erica on Twitter and check out her website to stay up to date on the latest news.

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