5 Upcoming Contemporary Romances to Sweep You Off Your Feet

With the weather warming in the northern hemisphere, we’re daydreaming about the perfect beach read quite a lot. But we also need to think about what we should be reading now. I mean, are we wrapped up in the epic dragon-riding college in Fourth Wing by Rebecca Yarros? Wandering the halls of Katmere Academy from Tracy Wolff’s Crave series?

Any time of the year is the time to dive into a good book, but right now, it’s all about contemporary romance on a rainy spring day. I want to dive into someone else’s love story for a bit (because it’s fun? Because my own love life is not fit for human consumption? Who knows.)

To get you started, we’ve got five upcoming contemporary romance recommendations to mentally prepare you for that perfect summer romance–or to give you new daydreaming material, whatever works best for your current situation.

Planes, Trains, and All The Feels by Livy Hart

Livy Hart has mastered the rom-com, we know that much as a fact. But Planes, Trains, and All The Feels blows our expectations out of the water! This cross-country journey following choreographer Cassidy Bliss as she attempts to get home in time to help with her sister’s wedding–and tries to avoid family disappointment once again–has us swooning at the crackling chemistry between her and Luke Carlisle. This book has been called “romcom GOLD!” by Jocelyn Robinson, a Goodreads reviewer, and we agree completely! This book is currently available for pre-order and is slated to release May 23rd.

Playing for Keeps by Julie Hammerle

Look–dropping off the face of the earth sounds pretty darn good most of the time, I won’t lie. But “the face of the earth” doesn’t include a tiny Midwest town for Bryce Barrett, who’s off hiding away from her ruined marriage and professional demise so she can figure out the next step. Unfortunately, her ex hasn’t gotten the memo that she’s not meant to be perceived right now. Which spells disaster for Bryce all over again. Until she meets Jake Warner and discovers there’s an opportunity for them both right in front of their eyes: that’s right, this is a fake dating romance! What better way to keep everyone off your back than fake dating a complete and total stranger? You can pre-order Playing For Keeps by Julie Hammerle before it’s release on May 8, 2023!

Not Today, Cupid by Jennifer Bonds

What’s better than corporate meetings? Well, most things. But corporate meetings with a cold and unbelievably sexy CEO and tech bad ass? That I can get behind. Scarlett Evans, executive assistant, grad student, is actually a triple threat: she’s also a secret admirer of CEO Nick Hart’s amazing abs. If he ever finds out that her notes are less professional and more entertainment, she’s in for one seriously dangerous game. This corporate romance is exactly what we need to get through until summer vacation. Not Today, Cupid by Jennifer Bonds is available for pre-order and releases May 8th!

You’ve Been Served by Kristen Alicia

Deciding to change the trajectory of your entire life is a difficult thing. I mean, unless you decide to shake a Magic 8 ball and go with whatever answer appears on the bottom. Which is exactly what Simone Alexander elects to do. Good bye to working as a chef, hello law school! Though she’s finding out she’s woefully unprepared for the cut throat energy of law school, Simone is determined. Her cute neighbour, who’s kissable off campus and an obnoxious kiss-ass on campus, sort of sweetens the deal. You’ve Been Served is available for preorder and releases June 27!

Anger Bang by Avery Flynn

A reality TV wedding? Check! A total bridezilla? Check! A sister who didn’t even want you at her wedding? Check! Having sex with the grooms brother to get back at your sister? Check! Oh wait. Okay, so maybe petty revenge isn’t the best idea. Especially not when everything goes wrong! Follow Thea Pope through her antics in Anger Bang, releasing June 27!

What upcoming contemporary romance release are you the most excited for? We want to know!

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