Release Week: Character Interview with A.J. Locke!

I love doing character interviews because I think they’re a fun way to get to know them and learn things about them that aren’t pulled from the book. I hope you enjoy getting to know Pennrae, Callan, Gideon, and Toji a bit better.

  • What’s the weirdest food combo you like?

Penn: Rabbit meat roasted over an open fire with spicy mustard and crushed raspberries.

Gideon: Excuse me? Rabbit and raspberries?

Penn: Listen, when you’re tracking bounties and sleeping on rocks under the stars, you eat whatever you have on hand. It makes for some strange combos sometimes. That’s not even the wildest one.

Gideon: Please don’t share any more, my stomach is doing somersaults.

Toji: Imagine if you did a recipe book about what you ate while roughing it during the magic-era.

Gideon: Wait a minute, Toji might be on to something, tell me more Penn, we can capitalize on this.

Penn: The potential for money changes everything doesn’t it? Aren’t any of you gonna answer the question too?

Callan: Pickle and jam sandwich. Now, tell us more camping food Penn, I’m on board with the recipe book.

Penn: Sigh…


  • In the same vein as the first question, pineapple on pizza, yay or nay?

Gideon: We already know Penn’s answer, if she’ll toss fruit on rabbit meat, she’ll eat anything.

Penn: Shut up, Gi. But yes, I’m down with pineapple on pizza.

Gideon: Same here. Hell yes from me.

Toji: Gideon has tried to convert me, but alas…it’s nay for me.

Callan: Salty and sweet is all good in my book.

Gideon: That must be why you like Penn.

Callan: Exactly.

Penn: You two have jokes and I have a magic sword. Watch it.


  • Most embarrassing memory?

Penn: When Ashe was really gassy one time when we were about to ambush a warlord and an ill-timed fart gave our position away and we almost ended up catapulted off a cliff.

Callan: Is that your most embarrassing memory or Ashe’s?

Penn: We’re blood bound, the second-hand embarrassment was strong.

Gideon: I’m telling Ashe you spilled her business.

Penn: But are we spilling yours? Like the other night when you got drunk and jumped up and down on my balcony trying to catch stars…

Gideon: Woman, I swear I will catapult you off a cliff myself!


  • One thing you can’t live without?

Penn: Ashe. Quite literally. But also, in general.

Callan: My heart…

Gideon: You are sooo boring…

Callan: aka Penn.

Gideon: Aight, li’l cheesy but cute. I’ll allow it.

Penn: An answer that will be well rewarded.

Callan: Yesss…

Toji: What can’t you live without, Gi?

Gideon: My glasses.


Gideon: Because without them I wouldn’t be able to see my darling Toji clearly.

Penn: Oh my God of corniness. 

Toji: I swoon.


  • Ever done anything illegal?



Gideon: How are we defining illegal here…?

Toji: Next question, please.


  • Last lie you told?

Penn: I told Callan his man-sandals looked good.

Callan: Wait…you don’t like them?

Penn: If you like it, I love it…

Callan: That’s a no, then.

Gideon: I told Kana she sang really well at karaoke the other day but…

Penn: You were just tryna make nice with Toji’s sister, I get it.

Gideon: She also knows how to fight, you gotta be careful who you diss.

Penn: Excuse me? I know how to fight and you shade me all day!

Gideon: Because you deserve it. Next question.


  • Do you believe in love at first sight?

Penn: No. Sometimes you need a second, third, or fourth look…

Callan: Ouch!

Penn: C’mon, am I lying? You’re my everything now but let’s not act like we started out on stable ground.

Callan: I guess that’s true. I had to wear you down. And now I can wear you out (wink).

Gideon: Whoa, whoa, keep it PG please. Now, you said love at first sight not lust, right?

Toji: Weren’t you just talking about keeping it PG?

Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed some fun insights about the gang!




What if the world changed overnight…and it was all because of you?

All Pennrae wanted to do was to help. Now she’s found herself in a world that’s been instantaneously transformed by magic…that she brought back. She’s gone from a simple karate instructor to an instant celebrity—and she hates it. Fortunately, she has her friends, her beloved magic companion, and one ridiculously hot boyfriend.

But a sudden, unprompted attack in broad daylight is about to make Penn’s life even more complicated. An ancient forest guardian known as a Kiabi—a warrior of magic and almost impossible to defeat—has marked Penn to die. The attack at first seems incidental and unprovoked…until she discovers the true cause. Her. Penn may have saved the world, but her actions have set a chain of events in motion. In one brief moment, something dark, terrible, and older than time itself found an opportunity to escape, to free itself from the guardians and mark Pennrae as its enemy. Now the world and everyone she loves face a gruesome fate unless Penn can unleash the full force of her Divine magic…



A.J. Locke is a young adult and adult fantasy author, and also writes and illustrates picture books. She is an artist of various mediums including oil and acrylic paint, and watercolor. When she’s trying to avoid her writing projects she can be found trying to make a dent in her TBR pile, playing video games, watching anime, baking, and chasing the ever elusive eight hours of sleep. A.J. is originally from Trinidad and Tobago and now resides in NYC with her daughter.

You can follow A.J. on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and check out her website to stay up to date on the latest news!

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