Love and Latte in Majestic Maine

Love and Latte in Majestic Maine


Ginny Baird


Nell Delaney works at her parents’ coffee shop in a cute seaside town called Majestic, Maine. She and her sisters are trying to keep their family café from going under by one of them marrying a rich guy for convenience. Though none of them personally wants to take the hit, so they’re all in a race to find a fiancé before the arranged-marriage bridal shoe drops. 

When Nell goes after her longtime crush, adventure guide Grant Williams, she’s thrilled that they get along beautifully. Then, Grant discovers Nell’s only been after a quickie groom, and a heated battle of wills ensues—with each one trying to get the other to dump them first. Since Nell and Grant are both fond of word play, if they could sum up their story in a series of coffee puns, it might go something like this.

Nell grins happily on the trail. “Coffee is part of my daily grind.”

Grant grins, too. “You mocha me happy.”

Nell gushes at Grant’s cabin. “Everything I brew, I brew for you.”

Grant gushes back. “Better latte than never.”

Grant learns Nell’s secret. “Nell, what have you bean up to?”

She winces, but totally doesn’t tell. “Er. Sip happens?

Grant, sneakily to himself. Now, I java plan.

Nell balks at Grant’s demands. “Well, that’s a tall order!”

He fake frowns. “Might as well give up the roast.”

Nell digs in her heels. “I am not throwing away my—espresso—shot!”


I hope you’ll read First Bride to Fall to see if Nell and Grant can resolve their differences. Even though each one gives the other ample (coffee) grounds for dismissal of their relationship, will they be able to hang on to the good things they’ve got?

If you like lovers-to-enemies-to-lovers stories, then this one’s for you!



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