10 Fun Facts About The Dark King


  1. I’d never read any books with faeries before writing TDK—not even ACOTAR! Whereas I’m a huge paranormal romance fan, I’d never read any high fantasy books. Even to this day, the only series like that I’ve read is the Blood and Ash series by JLA, and while it’s high fantasy, there are no fae in that world. So I did a lot of Googling, and I also had a reader friend who is extremely knowledgeable about the fae who helped me when I had questions. Now I’m totally in love with the genre, but I’ll wait to read things like ACOTAR until after I’ve completed the series because I don’t want to be influenced by her world and characters. Any similarities between TDK and ACOTAR is completely coincidental at this point. 
  2. I’m from Wisconsin, so all of Bryn’s Midwestern idiosyncrasies are very real, down to her apologizing to the bartender for requesting he do his job by making her a drink. LOL
  3. I bartended at a local (small town) bar for 5 years and the part about people leaving their money in a pile on the bar and going about their business is what they do. The bartender just pulls out what they need whenever a drink is served.
  4. It was my editor’s idea for Bryn to threaten to castrate Caiden in the bar. So if you love that part, she gets the credit!
  5. I didn’t intend on writing a Beauty and the Beast retelling, but when I realized I’d accidentally created one, I scattered a few BatB details throughout the story just bc it made me giggle. 
  6. Tiernan (the middle brother) has a decal on his car that says “I drive like a Cullen” which I think is one of the funniest bits in the book. I got the idea bc my 23-year-old daughter has that decal on her car, and I love it.
  7. All the fae characters (and Bryn) have Celtic/Irish/Gaelic names. The Woulfe twins’ names, Connor and Conall, who are from a fae bloodline of wolf shifters, mean ‘lover of wolves’ and ‘powerful wolf’ respectively.
  8. I wrote all the sex scenes after the book was already written bc they take so long for me to write, and I dread them. LOL Yes, I know that I’m known for my sex scenes, so people are always shocked to hear I loathe writing them. But it’s only bc they’re exhausting. I put A LOT of details into them and they’re always really long. So while I’m always really proud of them when I’m done, sometimes I wait until the end to add them all in. 😜
  9.  There’s a line at the end of chapter 8 that’s basically a nod to my fellow romance readers in an “I see you and you see me, wink-wink, nudge-nudge” kind of way:
    I’m officially trapped. The prisoner of three extremely wealthy and unbelievably sexy brothers. Somewhere, there’s a romance reader swooning at the very idea.
  10. The epilogue is in Tiernan’s POV. He’s the middle brother I mentioned earlier, and that chapter is my favorite last chapter I’ve ever written. It’s pretty diabolical, if I do say so myself, and it’s causing readers to simultaneously scream with excitement and curse my name. I love it so much! *cue maniacal laughter*



For Bryn Meara, a free trip to the exclusive and ultra-luxe Nightfall hotel and casino in Vegas should’ve been the perfect way to escape the debris of her crumbling career. But waking up from a martini-and-lust-fueled night to find herself married to Caiden Verran, the reclusive billionaire who owns the hotel and most of the city, isn’t the jackpot one would think. It seems her dark and sexy new husband is actual royalty—the fae king of the Night Court—and there’s an entire world beneath the veil of Vegas.

Whether light or shadow, the fae are a far cry from fairy tales, and now they’ve made Bryn a pawn in their dark games for power. And Caiden is the most dangerous of all—an intoxicating cocktail of sin and raw, insatiable hunger. She should run. But every night of passion pulls Bryn deeper into his strange and sinister world, until she’s no longer certain she wants to leave…even if she could.




Gina L. Maxwell is a New York Times, USA Today, and #1 International bestselling author living in the upper Midwest, despite her scathing hatred of snow and cold weather. As a lifelong romance novel addict, she began writing as another way of enjoying the Happily Ever After stories she’s always loved. Her debut novel in 2012, SEDUCING CINDERELLA, hit the bestseller lists within the first month of its release and continues to be a favorite with readers a full decade later. When she’s not reading, writing, or spending way too much money on planners and office supplies, she enjoys hanging out with her son and daughter who’ve left the nest, snuggling with her fur babies, and dreaming of her someday-move to someplace tropical.


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