Editor Wish Lists for June 2022

The editors at Entangled Publishing are always looking for the next breakout hit. Could that be your book? Each month, we have a new wish list from our editors. Watch for them as they’ll change monthly. Let’s discover each other today! All submissions can be sent through our Submittable system. The link can be found here: https://entangledpublishing.submittable.com/submit

Lydia Sharp, Editor & Acquisitions Manager

Steamy Regency historical romance with a high concept
Steamy F/F romcom with a high concept
Female narrated domestic thrillers with a high concept and little to no romantic element
Literary YA contemporary with romance and a fresh hook

Jen Bouvier, Acquiring Editor & Assistant Acquisitions Manager

Currently only looking for:

  • High Fantasy + Paranormal/Urban Fantasy + Sci-Fi YA (Entangled: TEEN)
  • Contemporary & Paranormal RomComs + Historical Romance (Amara)
  • Women’s Fiction + Thrillers (Sideways)


F/F, high-concept plots, strong voices, Black joy, characters with historically marginalized backgrounds, authentically written settings outside of the US

This month:

In all YA, I prefer first person and present tense. Romance-heavy upper YA only. M/M is especially high on my wishlist.
In High Fantasy, I want something that feels fresh, whether it’s through an authentic cultural background, intricate worldbuilding, or a very innovative plot. 
In Sci-Filight is key for me. I want something campy, creative, and accessible. 
In Paranormal/Urban Fantasy, I prefer grittier worlds over lighter ones. Mythology-based is always welcome if it’s authentic. 
In all Adult Romance, I’m only looking for dual POV. My #1 here is that I really want more F/F Romance.
In Contemporary RomComs and Paranormal RomComs, I’m especially looking for a hero with a golden retriever personality. I’d love something wholesome with a good dose of mutual pining and steam. I’m also very interested in adding more M/M here.
In Historical Romance, I only acquire from the Georgian to Regency-era; exception for Highlander Romance by Scottish authors. For me, Historical Romance needs to be accessible, high-concept, and trope-heavy. I would also love an F/F one featuring a princess!
I’m Women’s Fiction, I’m looking for funny, upbeat stories about millennial women. 
I’d love to see unconventional jobs, particularly traditionally masculine ones. Key is that it’s less/not at all about romance and more about finding yourself. 
In Thrillers, I’m looking for claustrophobic settings and compelling plots that bring something new to the table and will also appeal to a millennial/gen z audience. Not looking for detectives, but starring everyday hero/ines. No romance here, please.

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