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I have twin four year old grandsons, who I refer to as the ‘twinadoes (we live in Oklahoma). They live in the same town as I do, and I am fortunate enough that my son and daughter-in-law allow me to see them as much as I want to. 

They are typical boys, into everything, and making me say the strangest things when I am with them. Here are some of the things that have come out of my mouth recently:


  • You know, I get very nervous when you say, “Watch this, Bama.”
  • No, it doesn’t matter if you can still see out of the leg holes, you can’t wear your underwear on your head.
  • Of course you’re dizzy. You just threw yourself against the wall five times.
  • Let him out of that chokehold, his face is turning red.
  • Sit back down in your seat and stop licking the window.
  • No, sweetheart, you can’t suck milk up your nose from a straw.
  • Take that leash from around your brother’s neck. He’s not a dog.
  • No wonder I can’t find the lipstick mark on your shirt to clean it off. You switched kids on me, where’s your brother?
  • You hid the dog where?
  • No, bouncing off the wall is not fun.
  • Of course he’s crying. You bounced off the wall and landed on your brother’s head.
  • Yes, that’s what happens when you throw a cup of water up in the air while you’re taking your bath. Everyone gets wet. Even Aunt Anna. Hand her that towel.
  • Stop jumping on the couch, and quit punching the lettuce
  • No, if you dump that all in there it will take a long time to straighten it out.
  • Well, now that you’ve dumped it all in there, we have to straighten it out.
  • You put my phone where?
  • No, sweetheart, that’s not a guitar, it’s my keyboard, now climb out from under the table and give it to me.
  • Hurry up and hang the ornament, I can’t keep holding you on my shoulders, I have a tree in my face.
  • Why are you holding the nutcracker’s head, and where is the rest of it?
  • Don’t swing that stick around, you’ll hit your brother in the head with it.
  • Of course he’s crying, you hit him in the head with the stick
  • How did your window get down? And you almost hit that man on the motorcycle with your candy cane when you threw it out the window.
  • I told you not to put the cat in the food. He’ll leave tracks all over the house.
  • Yes, that’s a bad word. No, you don’t need to say it over and over to remind me it’s a bad word.
  • I don’t know why the dog licks her bottom, and no you can’t try to do it. Your body doesn’t bend that way. 
  • Well, the reason I don’t believe you didn’t feed the dog your applesauce is because she has applesauce all over her mouth. No, I don’t think your brother did it because he asked for yogurt, not applesauce. Yes, you’re right, the cat does have yogurt all over her face. Don’t be a tattletale.


Life as a grandparent is lively, fun, and in many cases, exhausting, but I wouldn’t trade it for the world!


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He wants to marry her off quickly. She says absolutely not.

When the Marquess of Campbell inherits a fiery, red-headed Scottish beauty as his ward, it’s his job to marry her off. No problem. She comes with a fortune. Lady Bridget MacDuff will have suitors falling all over themselves to wed her.

Not so fast. Lady Bridget has plans for that fortune and they involve helping unfortunate women. And she has no intention of helping her devastatingly handsome guardian in his quest to get her off his hands. He doesn’t plan to marry, either. Why should she?

Bridget and Cam are now on opposite sides of a war that neither one plans to lose. Even if Cam’s rakish presence throws Bridget’s heart into turmoil and the marquess can’t deny that his ward sets his heart afire. And then Cam makes a bold proposal…




Callie Hutton, USA Today bestselling author writes both Western Historical and Regency romance with “historic elements and sensory details” (The Romance Reviews). Callie lives in Oklahoma with several rescue dogs, two adult children, a daughter-in-law, twin grandsons and her top cheerleader husband (although thankfully not all in the same home!). Living in the Midwest provides plenty of opportunities for Callie do pursue her interests: researching history, meeting readers, spending time with her adorable two year old twin grandsons, and discovering new adventures. Callie loves to hear from readers and welcomes the opportunity to become friends, both in person or virtually. Find her online: www.calliehutton.com and sign up for her newsletter at: https://app.mailerlite.com/webforms/landing/p1n5h1

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