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Travel Tuesday with Author Brynley Blake

I love to travel.  I mean, I really love to travel.  I’m not even that picky about where.  Something about exploring a new place just makes me feel more alive, broadens my perspective, and refreshes my mind and spirit like nothing else.

My ex-husband hated to travel, so the first thing I did after I got divorced (well, after getting a tattoo of a bird taking flight on my hip), was to commit to travel as much as I could.  Like Charlotte in my newest release, Resurgent—who decides to stop waiting for “tomorrow” to start living fully when faced with a life-changing event—I resolved to live my best life from that moment on with no regrets.  For me, that meant as many adventures to new places as I could afford.  (Charlotte takes a slightly different tactic, but you’ll have to read Resurgent to find out more).

Since then, I have walked along the white sandy beaches of Playa del Carmen, Mexico, gambled all night in Las Vegas, listened to live jazz on Bourbon Street in New Orleans, bicycled Central Park in New York City, swam with dolphins in the Bahamas, and done things on the balcony of a cruise ship that would make my book heroines proud (you know…research ?).

Me just before a helicopter tour of the Las Vegas Strip

Like many authors, parts of me as a person are often reflected in my books, which is how the bucket list in my Phoenix Rising series came about.  The three-book series focuses on Liam Prescott, a navy SEAL who allegedly smuggled guns out of Iraq and sold them to a Mexican drug cartel, but was killed in the line of duty before delivering them.  His bucket list seems to be a map to where the guns are, if his sister and his best friend can just decipher it before the bad guys can.

I had a lot of fun creating Liam’s bucket list (you can find his bucket list on my website at www.brynleyblake.com). And my own bucket list now includes many of the places I fell in love with after researching them for the Phoenix Rising series, including the islands of the Philippines (where much of Rogue takes place), riding the Pacific Coast highway by motorcycle in San Francisco (the setting for Renegade), and India and Malaysia, which are both featured in Resurgent, although the majority of the book takes place in one of my favorite getaway spots—Mexico.  Here are a few pics, but you can see more of my travel inspiration on my Phoenix Rising Pinterest board here: https://www.pinterest.com/AuthorBrynleyB/phoenix-rising/




Pacific Coast Highway



What travel locations are on your bucket list?



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Never Underestimate the Power of F*ck It

It’s the motto I live by, and it’s what made me the Navy SEAL I am today. I’ve learned the less you care, the better. But when I wake up in a hospital in India with no memory of the last few months, I’m at a loss. Everything points to me being involved with some dangerous people.

People who kidnapped my little sister’s best friend Charlotte—who’s haunted my dreams, and now is making my reality a living hell.

I can’t remember what I’ve supposedly done, or who’s trying to kill us. All I know is that I have to find Charlotte and get us both out of this mess alive.

Only I hadn’t counted on Charlotte having her own agenda…





A lifelong reader with a taste for adventure, Brynley Blake writes the writes the kind of books she likes to read: steamy contemporary romances featuring smart, sassy heroines with a sense of humor and strong, dominant alpha males who love their women a little feisty. She lives in Texas with her family and an assortment of pets, and loves rainy days, hot coffee, cold beer, red wine, traveling, and spending time with her family. She writes contemporary and erotic romance as Brynley Blake and Brynley Bush.







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