#AskAnAuthor: What is Your Favorite Pie?




Wednesday January 23rd is #NationalPieDay.

To celebrate, we asked our authors to tell us their favorite pie.

Check out what they shared with us.




Traci Douglass, How to Seduce a Bad Boy, available now


I’m a baker, though not of pie (not yet anyway). I do love pie though. My faves are fruit pies, like this lucious blackberry pie from this awesome Amish restaurant near where I live in Northern Indiana called Das Dutchman Essenhaus. It’s delish! ?❤️?





Shana Gray, The Nashville Bet December 2018

I love to bake, my 28 year old son is a chef and also loves to bake. People rave about my butter tarts and apple pies. I’m always happy to share recipes, feel free to contact me. One of the best store bought pies I had was from Giant Tiger, their apple caramel was delish. xoxox






Cathy Skendrovich, Undercover with the Nanny, on sale for 99¢

My favorite pie to eat (and bake) is pumpkin pie, probably because it was the first one I learned to make. I started baking pies when I was in my early thirties. I was a stay-at-home mom. At Thanksgiving, my mom asked if I would like to make the pumpkin pies for the family dinner. I’d never made one before, but I was game. I’ve always liked baking more than cooking. My crust was a little goofy-looking that first time, but my dad, always the sweetheart, said it was the best he’d ever tasted. I’ve branched out into fruit pies and cakes, but pumpkin pie holds a special place in my heart. Thanks, Mom and Dad, for encouraging me!






What is your favorite pie? Let us know the story in the comments.

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