The Eight Stages of Writing a Book with Sonya Weiss


It always starts with our inner critic having choice words on the subject



We dismiss the critic and start the book in high spirits



The initial high wears off and we consider abandoning the book, but it has other ideas




We reach the middle of the book and realize we have massive plot holes




Then we realize our characters are refusing to listen to us




We straighten our characters out, slap a patch on our plot holes, and race to the finish line




The book is FINISHED! Confetti is tossed and ribbons are streamed




And then…we start to get an idea for a sequel





Maddie Russell is a mile past desperate. She’s newly fired, broke, and needs money to help her still-healing sister. Her plan is to beg for her job back—until she realizes millionaire Cole Mitchell, the man who was once the bad boy from the wrong side of the tracks, is the one responsible for taking everything her family owned.

Now she has a new plan. One that’s sure to please them both…and quench the fire that still burns between them. In exchange for his help, she’ll become his mistress.

Cole doesn’t trust the Russell family, least of all Maddie. When he was a teenager, her grandfather framed him for a crime he didn’t commit. The only thing he wants from her is his revenge. But the spark between them won’t be denied. As their lives tangle together, Cole quickly discovers falling for the enemy will cost him more than he imagined.

Because revenge demands its own price…




From the time she was a child, Sonya knew she was destined to be a writer. If she didn’t like the ending of a book or movie, she would write her own ending. When her children were young, she often wrote stories to entertain them. At the urging of one of her daughters, she submitted a short story and to her surprise and delight, it sold.  Sonya loves writing all things romance whether it’s writing contemporary adult or teen fiction and still hasn’t lost the wonder that she gets to do what she loves.   She enjoys reading, movies, chocolate, and laughter and credits her daughters as being the sweetest blessings in her life.


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  • That was delicious and accurate!
    I’m currently up to 38000 words on Nanowrimo and I finally have my characters behaving sadly there are difficulties ahead for them but it will all come around with a grand gesture and a HEA.
    Thanks again for the 8 steps it made me laugh and reassured me that my writing experiences mirror Sonya. Sadly I will definitely need a second draft to sort out those plot gaps!
    Cheers Margo

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