Tea Time with Jennifer Trethewey – Mincemeat & Cheese Recipe

I always think in terms of savory when I think of tea sandwiches. But sweet sandwiches are a delight.

Mincemeat and Cheese

I start with a quick bread. This is banana nut, but zucchini or date nut bread would work. You can make your own. I bought this one because I know my local bakery makes wonderfully moist and dense quick breads. As you can see, my husband already took a hunk of the end!

Cut two slices about a half inch thick. Get them as evenly matched as possible.

Coat both sides with either goat cheese, cream cheese, or spreadable brie. I used this creamy goat cheese.

Next, grab that jar of mincemeat pie filling you’ve had on the top shelf for three years. You’ll only need a little. Just a thin coating on the bottom slice. If you don’t have this filling, use apricot jam.

Assemble the two sides and cut the mini sandwich in half. Spread a little more of the cheese on the cut side.

Finely chop your favorite unsalted nut: almonds, pecans, walnuts. And dip the cheese coated edge in the nuts.





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Caya Pendarvis has no time for childish things like dreams or fairy-tales or love. She’s the sacrificial lamb on her way to the far north of Scotland to wed a wealthy merchant in exchange for settling her brother’s gambling debts.

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